Eureka, the 100+ year-old brand founded in Detroit, Michigan, and owned by Midea Group, is coming to IFA 2023 with its latest robotic vacuum cleaning device, the E10s. This advanced cleaning solution offers an array of cutting-edge features that make maintaining a spotless home effortless and efficient.

One of the standout features of E10s is its self-emptying base station, which collects dust and debris in a transparent dust cup that can hold up to 30 days’ worth of dirt. The transparency of the dust cup not only provides a clear view of the cleaning results but showcases its advanced multi-cyclonic separation technology and HEPA filter, ensuring the captured particles stay locked away for a fresher and allergy-friendly environment.

Equipped with a robust 4,000Pa suction power and a maximum runtime of 180 minutes, E10s boast impressive vacuuming and mopping capabilities across various surfaces. Its four adjustable suction levels and four water flow levels guarantee an optimized cleaning experience that prevents water damage on delicate wood floors. The inclusion of dual side brushes effectively doubles the sweeping area, enhancing cleaning efficiency compared to existing single-brush solutions.

The LiDAR system, along with its laser-based Position-Sensitive Detectors (PSDs) installed on the side, ensures precise navigation and obstacle avoidance, even with dark-colored objects. The device maps your living space rapidly, resulting in neat cleaning rows and comprehensive coverage before automatically recharging.

For an added touch of convenience, E10s raises its mop pad by 10mm to prevent carpet wetting. This feature aids in threshold crossing and eliminates secondary contamination of the mop during its return to the dock.

The intuitive MSmartHome app allows for easy control and customization of cleaning settings. With the support of Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, you can initiate or halt cleaning sessions using voice commands. The app also provides a detailed map generated by LiDAR, offering zone cleaning and dynamic mapping for a more tailored cleaning approach.

Safety is paramount with E10s, as it incorporates a range of risk prevention sensors and the ability to cross thresholds of up to 20mm, ensuring a smooth cleaning experience across diverse terrains.

With its exceptional features, such as extended battery life and automated recharging, E10s is a versatile and efficient robotic vacuum cleaner that promises to transform how you maintain your home. From its transparent dust cup to its LiDAR-guided precision, E10s is an advanced technology that helps homeowners simplify daily chores.

Pricing and Availability

The Eureka E10s will retail at €479, launching in the United States and Germany in early November.

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