Daihatsu Motor is making waves at the Japan Mobility Show 2023 with its innovative me:MO, a modular mini Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) designed to offer drivers a highly customizable experience. This unique concept vehicle stands out for its adaptability, allowing owners to personalize both the interior and exterior according to their preferences. One of the standout features is its compatibility with 3D-printed car parts, enabling drivers to design and install their own custom components.

The company showcased its forward-thinking vision, framed under the theme of “redefining the relationship between cars and people.” The me:MO embodies this philosophy by offering an evolving journey for its owners. Drivers can modify the vehicle’s design on the fly to better suit their changing needs. The interior of the me:MO is especially versatile, accommodating both single-seat configurations for solo drivers and expanded seating arrangements for family-oriented use.

A Sustainable Car Capable of a Longer Lifespan

Daihatsu has achieved this adaptability by constructing me:MO with a modular structure for both interior and exterior components, ensuring that modifications are not just limited to aesthetics but also extend to the fundamental form of the vehicle. This approach results in a sustainable car capable of a longer lifespan, as it can be tailored to different stages of an owner’s life, all while maintaining a sense of style and enjoyment.

The me:MO is on display at the Japan Mobility Show 2023, which runs from October 26th to November 5th at Tokyo Big Sight in Tokyo.

Alongside me:MO, Daihatsu is also showcasing three other concept cars: the mini commercial truck ‘UNIFORM Truck,’ the open-air mini BEV and cruiser ‘OSANPO,’ and another open coupe named ‘VISION COPEN.’ These vehicles collectively demonstrate Daihatsu’s commitment to reimagining the relationship between cars and their drivers, emphasizing personalization and sustainability in the automotive industry.

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