The “OK, Google” voice-search can makes things easier/faster because it may be faster than typing in a long search term. You can perform a lot of things with the help of Google’s voice search functionality (call contacts, set the alarm, schedule a meeting, and so on).While that comes handy, some people just do NOT want that feature to be turned ON because it potentially enables Google to listen to just about everything you say (check your activity here). It may not be a serious issue, but if you are a privacy buff, you would not want Google to be listening to you. So, whatever be the case, if you do not want that to be enabled, you need to know how to turn OFF OK Google on your phone.

How To Turn OFF OK Google? – Steps To Follow

1. Head to the app drawer and look for the “Google” app. In case you have Google Now launcher installed, simply tap and hold at the home screen and then head to the settings(and skip to step 5).

ok google settings

2. Tap on it to see the Google Now screen as shown in the image below.

ok google app

3. You need to tap on the menu icon at the top-left corner (as shown in the image above) to observe the “Settings” option.

4. Now tap on the “Settings” option.

ok google voice settings

5. You need to find the “Voice” option and then tap on it.

6. Now you will observe “OK Google detection” option listed as shown in the image above.

7. Tap on the toggle buttons (sliders) to disable the options listed (as shown in the image below)

If you have other options enabled, only disable them. That’s all you have to do.

Wrapping Up

You have now successfully disabled the “OK Google” on your phone. If you ever need to turn that ON, you just need to follow the same steps and enable the toggles.

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