Panasonic 3D TV
According to a survey conducted by Frank N. Magid Associates for Panasonic it turns out that 71% of respondents say that 3D TV is “much better” or “dramatically better” than 2D TV, while 99% of all attendees answered that it was “somewhat better”. The survey was done face-to-face with over 500 attendees at Disney’s D23 Expo that was held in Anaheim in August this year. And while 500 isn’t really enough extrapolate the results to the whole country, it does show that the general public’s interest in 3D TVs is there now, just waiting to be tapped.

Other interesting results discovered show that 50% of those surveyed answered “I wish I had this in my home”, while 34% agreed that it “brings things alive in a way I’ve never seen before.” 27% of the attendees used the world “Fabulous” to describe the 3D TV experience. With a lot of content going 3D (games, movies, and even live sports), it sure looks like 3D TVs are going to have a bright future and might find its way into every home over the next few years. Provided that content providers don’t let up, so that consumers will have 3D content to look forward to.

How many of you own 3D TVs and what are your opinions about them? And for those of you who don’t own 3D TVs, do you have any plans to invest in them in the future?

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