izon3dWhen was the last time you paid a visit to the cinema to watch a 3D movie? Do you think that 3D movies will be able to grow from strength to strength, or does it need some kind of kick start such as Avatar and Gravity in order for it to resonate with the masses? Well, for those of you who enjoy 3D movies but prefer to do so in the comfort of your own home, you might be interested to see what IZON has in store for the masses when next year’s CES kicks off in January. IZON intends to debut its new range of 3D LED televisions that will not use any kind of glasses whatsoever without losing the 3D effect that the movie studio had worked so hard to produce.

This new range of 3D capable LED screens will arrive in 32-inch, 47-inch and 55-inch sizes, and should hit the market some time by the second quarter of 2014. The entire product line will be assembled in the US, so it would also be another way to generate more jobs for those living Stateside. I suppose this would kindle the fire of patriotism in some of us, yes? This glassless 3D experience is made possible thanks to its “HyperMix3D” multi-threaded 3D rendering technology which relies on algorithms to take advantage of multi-core GPUs, while producing immersive 3D without any eyestrain. [Press Release]

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