[CEATEC 2011] Remember how George Lucas had to figure out a way to film a 3D hologram when he made Star Wars, as R2-D2 played back a recording of Princess Leia’s distress call to Obi Wan Kenobi? I guess Artoo’s 3D hologram playback capability had its roots way back when Japan still existed on a planet called Earth, as CEATEC 2011 is the platform where Hitachi put forward their Full Parallax 3D Display.

Relying on clever use of a bunch of mirrors as well as two dozen projectors, it is capable of creating stereoscopic images that can be viewed by several people simultaneously without any glasses. Since the images are clearly 3D holograms in nature, whenever you move your body, the angle sensors will change the image automatically to match your viewing angle – clever, isn’t it?

This seems to be quite the valuable tool in the advertising, manufacturing and healthcare industry – hopefully it will not cost a bomb when it arrives. [Press Release]

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