Keystone ECO Slider Keyboard for the iPhone 4/4S

One of the reasons why some people prefer using their Blackberry devices is due to its physical keyboard layout, which some might argue is superior over an on-screen keyboard. Some Android manufacturers might have acknowledged that fact by putting out smartphones with both on-screen and a physical keyboard, but Apple has remained firm in their resolve in sticking with the on-screen keyboard.

Waterfield unveils iPhone Wallet and Hint cases

The iPhone 4S has only just been announced but it looks like there are cases for it already, although to be fair based on how the iPhone 4S looks, iPhone 4 cases should be able to fit it just fine. Waterfield has just unveiled two new cases for that will be compatible with the iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 and the iPhone 3GS in the form of the iPhone Wallet and […]

HEX expands Icon watch band for the iPod nano

Case manufacturers and watch band manufacturers for the iPod nano must be breathing a huge sigh of relief, as Apple had announced yesterday that apart from some tweaks in software, the hardware (including design and dimensions) of the iPod nano remain largely untouched. Capitalizing on this, HEX has unveiled today their new line of Icon watch bands for the iPod nano.

Thanko Slim 720p DVR Watch with built-in spy cam

Notice anything particular about the watch above? If you said the missing number “12”, you’d be right. In fact, in place of the “12” lies a camera, which means that if you enjoy taking photos discretely or would love to know what playing a spy feels like, Thanko’s Slim 720p DVR watch could be just what you need.


iNecklace is geeky and elegant

If you love technology and want to express it in a way other than showing off your latest gadgets and devices, there are more subtle ways to do it. Like wearing the iNecklace from Adafruit. The iNecklace is a necklace that features a pendant with the design of the standard symbol for power on most of our gadgets today. Inside the pendant is also a subtle pulsating LED similar to […]

iLuv announces a whole range of Samsung Galaxy Tab and Galaxy S2 accessories

If you’re looking for some accessories to go with your brand new Galaxy S2 phone or Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Tab 8.9 tablet, you’re in luck. Mobile accessory manufacturer, iLuv Creative Technology has announced a partnership extension with Samsung to bring a whole bunch of new accessories for Samsung’s flagship Android products. Ranging from audio accessories, cases, films and power solutions – you can find all you need to dress […]

Grove announces Bamboo Back for MacBooks

Much like our smartphones, our laptops require some form of protection too. Granted people probably worry more about their smartphones/tablets than their laptops, but for those running MacBooks with the aluminum unibody, Grove has just announced Bamboo Backs for the MacBook.

iLuv unveils new series of WorkStation accessories for the iPad 2

iLuv, a company that is well known for putting out iOS accessories has unveiled several new iPad 2 accessories, such as the iMM737 “The WorkStation” and the iLuv iMM517 WorkStation Pro, with the former sporting a wired keyboard and a posable mount, while the latter makes use of a Bluetooth keyboard and will feature a speaker dock as well.

Fanatec’s Forza Motorsport accessories now up for pre-order

If you’re a huge fan of racing games on the console, such as Forza Motorsport or Gran Turismo, you probably would love to get your hands on a steering wheel controller, assuming that you don’t own one already. If you were at E3 earlier this year, or if you happened to have come across news regarding E3, you’re probably familiar with Fanatec’s line of Forza Motorsport accessories.

CTA Digital Deluxe Power Grip for Nintendo 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS might not be that huge of a success compared to its predecessor, but that doesn’t mean it has sold just a pittance. No sir, the market is huge enough for CTA Digital to warrant rolling out the Deluxe Power Grip – where it will be able to address a couple of issues with the Nintendo 3DS, which is its relatively short battery life of just 3 to […]

iPhone 4 Action Case lets you record your extreme sport stunts

If you’re an extreme sports fanatic and would like to capture yourself performing death defying jumps and tricks from your point of view, there’s a good chance you’ll probably have to invest in some pretty expensive gear. However if all you have on you is an iPhone 4 and $50 to spare, perhaps this Action Case could be just what you need while on a budget.

Ford introduces “Door Edge Protector” feature

There are times when inconsiderate drivers park their cars too close to ours, and we come back from the mall, grocers or a nice dinner only to find that they have dented our doors or scrapped a bit of paint off them by opening the doors too hard. We’re guessing this pain is amplified especially if you’re driving a high-end sports car, however thanks to Ford, if you see the […]

dockBoss+ adapter allows iOS speaker docks to hook onto Android devices

We realize that there are plenty of iOS speaker docks around, but for some odd reason, speaker docks for Android devices are few and far in between, so in an attempt to even things out a little, CableJive has unveiled the dockBoss+ which basically allows you to connect a number of handsets (apart from iOS) to iOS speaker docks.

Retro looking iPhone/iPod charging dock with Bluetooth headset

If you like the idea of marrying new technology with the old, perhaps this iPhone/iPod dock charger with a Bluetooth headset shaped in the style of a retro phone might appeal to you. As you can see from the photo above, the dock has been crafted in such a way that it appears to be rather vintage in design, and with the app running on the iPhone in the background, […]