Altec Lansing iMT630 iPhone/iPod speaker dock

Altec Lansing, a company known for their speakers, has recently unveiled a speaker dock targeted at the iPhone and the iPod. While this isn’t a speaker dock for audiophiles, given its relatively affordable price and its bright colors, it ought to attract those who prefer form over function.

iPhone 4 Bumper Case to be discontinued? (Rumor)

When the iPhone 4 was launched, there was a huge buzz surrounding it, although at one point in time, the buzz surrounding the device was a negative one. If you were one of the early adopters of the iPhone 4, you may remember the infamous “death grip” which would cause your handset to lose reception drastically when held in a certain way. This was believed to have been attributed to […]

Case-Mate’s iPhone 5 casing leaked?

When it comes to iPhone 5 case leaks, there are plenty floating about the internet, and generally they’re from obscure companies based in China that you and I probably have never heard of before. Now it looks like Case-Mate, an established and well-known manufacturer of cases for a variety of Apple products, may have accidentally leaked what appears to be an iPhone 5 case.

Fake Apple stores ordered to hand over products

If you thought that fake Apple stores were limited to China, you would be wrong as not too long ago fake stores were discovered in the US. Two such stores in Queens were accused of trademark infringement and in the latest development of the case, they have been ordered to hand over all products to Apple. To be more specific, the products that the stores have to return need are […]


Levitatr Bluetooth keyboard for tablets looks amazing

Keyboard cases/attachments for tablets have usually been standard fare, with nothing much to shout about. They tend to be sleek and they get the job done, but for those who are fussy about design and looks, the Levitatr Kickstarter project might be something you may want to check out.

Sinch cord clasp could be the solution for tangle free headphone cables

Sick of getting your headphone cables tangled up in knots? Do you hate spending minutes in frustration trying to untie those darned knots? There are a few solutions in aiding with tangled headphone cables, but in terms of simplicity and elegance, it looks like Sinch could be a worthy contender.

iPhone 5 concept with Smart Cover

The Smart Cover for the iPad 2 is a rather ingenious creation. If you can ignore the fact that it fails to protect the back of your iPad 2 from scratches, it does a pretty good job at protecting the screen (which is probably more important) of your iPad 2, doubling up as a stand and all of this while remaining fairly thin and unobstructive. But have you ever wondered […]

Another purported iPhone 5 spotted in China

There are so many conflicting rumors and reports on how the iPhone 5 is going to look like, that it’s starting to get difficult to sort out somewhat credible reports from the outright rumors. As it stands (and a quick recap), the rumors are now saying that the next-generation iPhone will either resemble the iPhone 4 with some slight changes in design, or it will be a completely redesigned phone.

mLogic launches mDock for Mac computers

If your laptop is your main computer, you probably have multiple peripherals attached to it, such as a laptop cooler, an external mouse for those who hate using the touchpad, USB cable to charge your phone, printer cable, external monitor, etc. That’s all fine but when you need to pack your laptop up to take to class/work, you’ll need to unplug everything and plug them back again when you’re done. […]

Elasty iPhone 4 case has more than one use

How many of us with an iPhone wished there was a more elegant solution for tucking away the cables of our earphones when not in use? Short of unplugging them or wrapping them around the device, there may be a better way in the future, assuming of course Belkin decides to put this particular iPhone 4 case design into production.

iPort announces LaunchPort inductive charger for iPad 2

Interested in some inductive charging for your iPad 2? If the idea of inductive charging sounds good to you, and with the added bonus of it being a wall mounted inductive charger feels like icing on the cake, iPort may have something for you with their LaunchPort wall mounted inductive charger for the iPad 2.

AeroDreamOne iOS speaker dock is 11-feet tall

There are iPhone speaker docks, and then there are iPhone speaker docks like Jean Michel Jarre’s 11-foot tall AeroDreamOne iOS speaker dock. Yes, you read that right, an iPhone speaker dock that’s 11-feet tall! The bad news is that if you were hoping to get this for your living room, not only would you require a really high ceiling, but you would also require about $560,000 to pay for it.

Magic Numpad transforms Apple’s Magic Trackpad into a working number pad

Ever felt that something on your Magic Trackpad was missing? A number pad perhaps? If you thought that having number pad functions on your Magic Trackpad would be a good idea, thanks to Mobee you will now be able to happily crunch numbers on your Magic Trackpad – great when attempting to do your own taxes!

Bluetrek iPhone 5 case – publicity stunt or for real?

There has been countless iPhone 5 rumors – some seemingly credible while some are just outright ridiculous. As to whether Apple is purposely spreading disinformation is unknown, but all we know is that there’s a good chance Apple will be launching their next-generation iPhone this year.