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Santa Brought A Flash Exploit This Christmas
Flash is known more for the gaping security vulnerabilities that are exposed to the world time and again instead of being the technology that has powered a significant chunk of online content, so much so that even Adobe has started to inch away from it, and many online services have already moved on to something much better and safer. Flash is not yet dead completely which means security vulnerabilities still pose […]

Adobe Post Enhances Your Social Posts
When you take a glance at other people’s social posts, you must wonder just how much work has gone into some of the photos that you have seen – the people seem to be immaculately dressed and preened. Well, some folks do touch up their photos before posting it up, but for the less design savvy, Adobe might have just the thing for you – in the form of an […]

Adobe Lightroom Mobile Now Free For All Android Users
Adobe today released Lightroom Mobile for Android 1.4 and this release makes Lightroom Mobile free for any and all Android users, even those that do not have a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud. This move follows Lightroom 2.0 for iOS which was also made available for free to all iOS devices in October this year, so it’s about time that Android users got similar treatment from Adobe.Adobe says that the […]

Adobe Starts Inching Away From Flash
Adobe has held on to Flash for long enough, even though crucial security vulnerabilities have been discovered one after the other, and yet it held on. Not anymore though. Adobe is now telling users to stop using Flash, well maybe not as openly, it’s being more subtle. Adobe saying that it’s now going to “encourage” content creators to build with new web standards, standards like HTML5.


Dropbox Lets Users Edit PDFs While On The Go
Last month Dropbox and Adobe announced a partnership that would basically allow users to edit PDFs in the cloud. The ability to edit in the cloud was unfortunately only available for the desktop but the good news is that if you are a mobile user, it looks like mobile editing on the go has finally arrived.Dropbox has recently announced that users with iOS devices can now edit PDFs on the […]

Adobe Revel Will Be Shutting Down February 23 2016
If you have been using Adobe’s services for a long time, you might be familiar with Adobe Revel. For those who aren’t familiar with Revel, basically it’s a piece of software that allows users to store, share, and manage their digital photos with people that they want to share it with, like friends and family members.Essentially you could even think of Revel as being Adobe’s take on Flickr, a cloud […]

Adobe Patches Criticial Flash Vulnerability
A few days back Adobe posted a security bulletin on its website through which it confirmed that it was aware of a “critical vulnerability” in some versions of Flash player, with the vulnerability affecting users on Windows, Mac and Linux. It could cause their systems to crash and even let attackers remotely take control of the system. Adobe has now confirmed that the vulnerability has been patched.

Adobe Confirms 'Critical Vulnerability' In Some Flash Versions
Adobe has confirmed through a security bulletin posted on its website that it’s aware of a “critical vulnerability” with some versions of the Flash Player, the vulnerability affects Windows, Mac and Linux users alike and can likely cause systems to crash as well as allow attackers to remotely “take control of the affected system.” Affected versions include and earlier.

Dropbox & Adobe Team Up, Make Editing PDFs In The Cloud Easier
If you’re the type that views a lot of PDFs and you need to edit them for work, or maybe sign them digitally, you might be pleased to learn that Dropbox and Adobe have teamed up, with the former’s service now playing nicely with Adobe Acrobat DC and Acrobat Reader. By connecting your accounts to these apps, what happens is that you get to edit your cloud PDF files on […]

Adobe Lightroom For iOS Is Now A Free Standalone App
If you’re looking for tools to edit your photos, like adjust the tone, contrast, shadows, and highlights, Adobe Lightroom is a great place to start. However if you wanted the power of Lightroom but on your phone, you’re in luck because Adobe has announced that Lightroom will now be a standalone app for mobile, and best of all, it will be free.Prior to this, Lightroom for mobile was a companion […]

Adobe Packages Best Photoshop Features In A Free App
If you’re not a professional photographer or someone who needs powerful image editing software then you probably don’t have much use for Adobe Photoshop, one of the most powerful and widely used image editing softwares out there. However many users like to merely use the app for retouching their photos or adding some effects, fairly mundane tasks when you consider what Photoshop is actually capable of doing, but given its high […]

iPad Pro Will Apparently Come With 4GB Of RAM
Apple has never really been one to flaunt numbers like processor clock speed, number of cores, RAM, or even battery life. In fact Apple’s website does not even list the RAM found on its mobile devices, and we’re sure many are curious as to how much RAM the iPad Pro is packing, especially since Apple is touting all sorts of artistic and professional tasks that can be done by it.As […]

Google Chrome Will Freeze Non-Important Flash Files In The Future
It is no secret that Adobe’s Flash is no longer the web darling that it once used to be. In fact the recent discovery of Flash zero-day vulnerabilities has led to browsers such as Firefox blocking all Flash content, and seeing major websites such as Twitch making the jump to HTML5, and come 1st of September, Google will be attempting to phase Flash out as well.The company has recently announced […]

Adobe’s New Mobile Photo Editor Expected To Debut In October
A couple of years ago Adobe launched Photoshop Touch. This was an app designed for mobile phones that would bring some of Photoshop’s photo editing tools to smartphones and tablets. However earlier this year, Adobe basically killed off the app in which they stated that they would be discontinuing it.Now the good news is that if you liked Photoshop Touch and what it could do for your photos, you might […]