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How To Remove a PDF Password
It is very simple to password protect a PDF, you can easily add a password using Adobe’s own PDF editing tool or a third-party tool. The ability to add a password with multiple tools also means that it can be quite frustrating to remove a password manually if you ever need to make the PDF file password free and accessible to others. Fortunately, there are many third-party tools like Free […]

How To Disable Flash Player (Major Browsers)
Every now and then, we hear some kind of security vulnerability in Adobe Flash Player that hackers could take advantage of. Websites are now trying to drop flash and move on to HTML5, even YouTube has dropped Flash player. You will find less websites that need flash to work properly, and in the future, the number will just decrease.If you are not big fan of flash player and want to […]

Twitch Makes The Switch From Flash To HTML5
Flash used to be the darling of web developers back in the day. Almost every website you visited would incorporate Flash into its menus, videos, and so on. Fast forward to today, many are treating Flash like the red-headed stepchild, and while it might take some time before it is killed off, it is slowly losing support.Popular video streaming platform for video games, Twitch, has recently announced that they are […]

Adobe Patches Flash Bug Exploit
It was just yesterday that we reported on a potential Flash zero-day vulnerability that has been discovered after a hack, and thankfully, the folks over at Adobe have been pretty quick to react to the situation since finding that bit of news out for themselves, and have just rolled out a patch to squash that particular bug. This patch will cover the likes of Flash Player for Windows, Macintosh and […]


Potential Flash Zero-Day Vulnerability Exposed In Recent Hack
Recently there have been some news about a spyware developer company called Hacking Team. The company is apparently responsible for creating spyware which is used by governments and law enforcement agencies to spy on others, although the company has since made embarrassing headlines for being hacked themselves.However it seems that in the hack, it was found that the Hacking Team had actually discovered a weaponized exploit that will take advantage […]

Adobe Creative Cloud Update and Adobe Stock Launch
Today, Adobe released its Creative Cloud update across all its applications. 15 Creative Cloud applications have been updated, including Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, InDesign CC, Lightroom CC, and more. the second major announcement is the release of some of the Creative Cloud Mobile Apps for Android, namely Shape CC, Color CC, Brush CC and Photoshop Mix. Adobe aslo launched its brand new Stock images service, Adobe Stock.There are too many […]

Adobe Pulling Photoshop Touch From App Stores
For photographers who love editing photos on the go, there are a ton of apps that they can choose from, although given the popularity of Adobe’s software on the desktop, it isn’t surprising that many might go for Adobe’s mobile apps such as Photoshop Touch. Unfortunately it seems that Adobe will be discontinuing the app come 28th of May.According to a blog post on Adobe’s website, “Sometimes building for the […]

Adobe Lightroom 6 Is Finally Here
 There is good news today for people who have been waiting for the new version of Lightroom. Adobe today released Lightroom 6, it’s available to users as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription where the new version is called Lightroom CC. The new version doesn’t really make any revolutionary changes to the software but there are some worthwhile improvements that have been made by Adobe.

How To Convert PDF to Word Document (Different Methods)
Convert your PDF file into Word file using different tools. Choose the method which fulfills your need best.

How To Protect PDF Files (With Passwords, Free & Paid Methods)
PDF files are quite common these days, being used for both business and personal use. It comes with different features and functions, including Graphics, page order, Carpool working, etc. which are quite handy in many fields. This is the reason why it is adopted by so many people.However, with such wide adoption Privacy issues also arise, requiring proper protection. You can easily password protect your PDF file so only the […]

Professionals Attempt To Use Adobe Photoshop 1.0 From 25 Years Ago
The original Adobe Photoshop was released 25 years ago on the 19th of February 1990. This means that the Photoshop software has been around for a very long time and safe to say it has seen a variety of improvements and changes over the years. However, how far has Adobe come with Photoshop?To put this to the test, CreativeLive recently tasked eight Photoshop professionals to try and create a Photoshop […]

Forever 21 Hit With Lawsuit Over Pirated Software From Adobe, Corel, Autodesk
While using pirate software is wrong and illegal, we guess it is understandable that for individual users, paying hundreds if not thousands of dollars for a single piece of software does seem a bit expensive, but for companies to use pirated software? That might be a slightly different story and unfortunately when you do get caught, the consequences can be pretty severe.Such is the case with clothing store Forever 21 […]

Adobe Flash Player Receives Critical Security Patch
If you receive a prompt or notice from Adobe asking you to update your Flash player software, you should probably go ahead and do that. Adobe has recently released an updated version of their Flash player software that will patch an undisclosed vulnerability. This vulnerability essentially allows hackers to take control of your PC or Mac computer remotely.What makes this particular update even more urgent than ever is the fact […]

Apple, Google Agree To Payout In 'No-Poach' Class Action Suit
It is known that Apple and Google – in addition to other companies in the Silicon Valley, are no stranger to duking things out in court over lawsuits and the like. Well, it was in April three years ago that the likes of Apple, Google and Intel failed to end an anti-poaching lawsuit. This time around, Cupertino, Google and another two Silicon Valley tech companies have come to an agreement […]