Those of us back in the days of the feature phone probably associate Nokia with their feature phones such as the ever classic Nokia 3210, 3310, and the 8250. We probably also don’t remember too fondly Nokia’s failure to play catchup and thus allowing iOS and Android to dominate the smartphone market, which is why our generation is probably not the generation that Nokia plans to target in their upcoming series of Windows Phone handsets.

A little less than a week ago, we reported that Microsoft was pumping a fair bit of money into advertising their Windows Phone devices. With the original build of Windows Phone 7 receiving a less than lukewarm response, Microsoft is counting on Nokia and their other manufacturers to help bring Windows Phone devices to the same level, if not better, than iOS and Android devices. With Nokia receiving the bulk of the funds Microsoft has allocated for marketing Windows Phone devices, which target market will they focus on?

Well according to John Nichols, Nokia’s head of marketing in the UK and Ireland, Nokia will be focusing their efforts in the “next generation of mobile purchasers”, particularly the youth and teen market. He has stated that Nokia will be attempting to “ensure that we create the content and partnerships that matter.” This is evidenced by Nokia’s recent collaboration with X Factor boy band One Direction, with whom they collaborated with and created a exclusive personalized phone with One Direction screen savers and ringtones.

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