Samsung advert pokes apple customers

Samsung has dropped a video advert that efficiently uses a few cliches about Apple customers waiting in line to get the new iPhone. The ad is getting massive viral traction on social networks, and to be honest, it’s pretty funny. A must watch for Samsung fans, but a fun watch for everyone. I like the fact that while it’s a good poke, it’s not mean. Tell us what you think […]

Nokia to target teens to help rejuvenate their brand

Those of us back in the days of the feature phone probably associate Nokia with their feature phones such as the ever classic Nokia 3210, 3310, and the 8250. We probably also don’t remember too fondly Nokia’s failure to play catchup and thus allowing iOS and Android to dominate the smartphone market, which is why our generation is probably not the generation that Nokia plans to target in their upcoming […]

QR codes on rooftops used to advertise on Google Earth

If you’re in need for a rather unique way of advertising your product or company, Philips & Co. has a new proposition that they’re calling “Blue Marble”, and essentially what they will do for you is that they will create a QR code that can be scanned along with whatever pertinent information you would like attached with it.

Touchpad Tops Android Share in Advertising [Ad Agency]

Jumptap, a mobile advertising agency has released statistics which shows that the HP TouchPad apps have already gathered 8% of the tablet mobile advertising share, which is comparable to Android’s 9.4%. This is a surprising number as Android tablets have been on sale for some time, while the HP Touchpad has been on the market for a mere couple of weeks. That said, the $99 has probably helped, but still, […]


Facial recognition advertising now available

Remember the movie Minority Report and how stores and advertisements would be able to recognize a person and greet them accordingly? For those who may not have watched the movie or have forgotten, there are scenes in the movie where Tom Cruise’s character enters a departmental store and a billboard advertisement, and by scanning his eyes they were able to recognize him, and greeted him and listed his preferences.

Advertisers look into face scan technology

Advertisers are always on the lookout for the next big thing in terms of hitting their target audience, and facial recognition technology is called into play this time around. Just how will it be applied? For starters, you will have the software behind a digital billboard or kiosk analyze your mug, coming up with the gender and age details. Once that is done, it will be able to narrow down […]

Nissan to add QR window stickers to their cars

Have you ever come across a car, stop and go “Wow”? If not yourself, I’m sure that you know people who do that and who probably try to take a peek into the car or even chat up the owner trying to find out more about the car. However a quick peek in the car may not tell you much apart from its interior, and sometimes the car owner could […]

Media brands should forget about creating apps and focus on MMS instead, says strategist

According to a tech author and 3G strategist, Tomi Ahonen, MMS is an important platform that is being ignored right now and should be taken more seriously. Too many people are focusing on creating apps dedicated to smartphones and ignoring phones that are more than capable of displaying multimedia. His reasoning? “There are about 100 million iPhones on the platform. Now multiply it against all mobile phones. That’s 2% of […]

Windows Phone 7 app developer hits the jackpot

In a recent case study released by Microsoft Advertising, a Windows Phone 7 app developer, Richard Foster, has been said to have earned $28,882 in just 4 months, using Microsoft’s Advertising SDK for Windows Phone. Now it may not be the runaway success that Rovio had with Angry Birds, but it shows that developers on the WP7 platform can make a living too. Foster has released 14 free apps, all […]

Interactive ads set to grace bus stops

Google, Nokia and Orange are currently toying with the idea of running ad campaigns which enable cell phone owners to interact with various posters which were specially set up in bus stops and other transportation hubs in New York, according to a Wall Street Journal article. These posters will be used to distribute wireless apps or ringtones, where Google’s own approach involves advertising an app while allowing folks to download […]

KIA makes use of Explore Engage’s new Augmented Reality advertising app

Explore Engage has developed a new way for consumers to experience advertisements. All users have to do is download an app on their iPhone or Android phone, use the camera to capture a logo and trigger the advertisement. KIA, Korean car manufacturer, has partnered with Explore Engage to provide consumers with the world’s first ever Augmented Reality advertisement for their new Optima. All they have to do is locate the […]

Hulu CEO Jason Kilar on the Future of TV Advertising Online

[NewTeeVee Live 2010] Jason Kilar, CEO of is presenting Hulu’s perspective on the future of TV viewing online at GigaOm’s NewTee ee Live 2010. The company, only 3 years ago the company was referred to as “dead on arrival,” will be making 240 million dollars in 2010. Below are some of the key points Kilar made today: Hulu, says Kilar, is in the business of creating services that users, advertisers, […]

DaCast aims to help video content producers monetize their work

There are many ways to stream (commercial) live video over the internet. Services like UStream or JustinTV have existed for years. Yet, they don’t provide an answer to most people or organizations that want to monetize their video content. The reason is simple: most video streaming platforms provide the infrastructure and bandwidth to their users, but they often don’t help with the actual advertising sales. Also, Advertising purchasers often prefer […]

Is Samsung Considering Entering The Advertising Business?

Word is going around that Samsung might be considering entering the mobile ad scene. Details aren’t abundant at the moment, but the company could be planning to put ads through its phones and TVs once it has completed its own application store for its platforms. The Korean giant will either have to start its own ad company, or perhaps buy an online ad network. Such a move would be somewhat […]