Explore Engage AR

Explore Engage has developed a new way for consumers to experience advertisements. All users have to do is download an app on their iPhone or Android phone, use the camera to capture a logo and trigger the advertisement. KIA, Korean car manufacturer, has partnered with Explore Engage to provide consumers with the world’s first ever Augmented Reality advertisement for their new Optima. All they have to do is locate the KIA logo using the camera on the phone, and the ad will trigger. Users will be able to interact with the car, change its colors, turn off its lights, and so on. All this happens on-screen with the backdrop of the ad being whatever the camera is pointed at.

Sure it’s a great concept, but do users actually want to download adverts? I can see this technology doing well for games such as treasure hunts and so on, but to ask users to download an app and to make them “work” to experience the full advert is a bit too much. Nevertheless, the concept is very interesting and is worth a mention. Check out a video of the app in action, and download the app here (iOS) and here (Android).

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