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Alienware Unveils Oculus Rift-Ready PCs
The Oculus Rift is available for pre-order and you might have heard that it will cost $599. You might sigh at the price tag, and you might bite the bullet and go ahead and purchase one all the same, but note that $599 might not be all that you’ll be spending. In addition to the Oculus Rift, you will need a PC that’s capable of handling it.If you already have […]

Dell To Use Recycled Carbon Fiber For Latitude & Alienware Computers
If there is one thing that Apple likes to boast about, it would be how green their company is, and how they use materials that aren’t as harmful to the environment. Turns out that Dell has decided that they want to get on board the green train as well as they have announced plans to start incorporating recycled carbon fiber into their products.This will namely affect computers that fall under […]

Alienware Promises Free Laptop Upgrades For Its Recent Customers
The thing with keeping up with technology is that unless you have a lot of money to keep buying new gadgets, whatever you purchase today will easily be overtaken by something else a few months from now. This is especially true when it comes to computers, and unless you keep up with the news, you could easily buy a laptop only to have it upgraded with new specs the week […]

Australia Opens A “Free Roaming” Virtual Reality Gaming Center
The idea behind virtual reality gaming is to make the experience feel more immersive, and it does even though technically you’re just sitting on your couch. However if you’d like to experience it as if you were actually there, now you can. A new free roaming game center has opened up in Melbourne, Australia called Zero Latency.Basically it is a massive 4,300 square foot warehouse that has been converted into […]


Alienware And Zero Latency Delivers VR Experience In Melbourne
Alienware, an extension of Dell, has teamed up with Zero Latency in order to bring the virtual reality experience to life for folks over in Melbourne. Thanks to Alienware’s Alpha custom technology, it will be able to ensure that those who are interested will be able to indulge themselves in Zero Latency’s gameplay experience.

Alienware 15 And 17 Windows Laptops Shed Some Weight
[CES 2015] When it comes to gaming machines, Alienware is a name that is worth checking out if you do not want to have any kind of compromise. This time around, Dell’s Alienware has revealed the presence of the Alienware 15 And 17 Windows-powered laptops, where regardless of which particular model that you decide to pick up, both of them will sport the latest gaming technologies – and this would […]

Alienware Alpha Small Form Factor Gaming Desktop
If you would like to get your gaming kicks in where the desktop PC is concerned, most of the time, enthusiasts would have stuck to building such a machine from scratch, since it offers them the flexibility to play around with a certain budget, not to mention being able to know just what exactly is going into the chassis. Well, Alienware, a name that is synonymous with quality gaming hardware, […]

Alienware Graphics Amplifier Announced Alongside Alienware 13 Laptop
If there’s a downside to laptops is that they don’t have the space to fit large-sized GPUs. This means that laptop OEMs need to rely on smaller GPUs that can fit into their computers which can sometimes result in large and heavy laptops, but we suppose that’s the price one has to pay if they wish to game on the go.That being said, Alienware has recently unveiled the Alienware Graphics […]

Alienware's New Area-51 Gaming Desktop Is An Oddly-Shaped Computer
Alienware has been known in the past to create some pretty funky-looking computers with glowing lights and whatnot, although safe to say that the company’s latest computer is out of this world. Alienware has recently taken the wraps off their latest gaming computer, which is basically a refresh of their Area-51 flagship computer.As you can see in the image above, it definitely does not look like a computer, at least […]

NVIDIA Titan Z Now On Alienware Aurora
How do you make one of the best even better? Why, wait for superior parts than the sum of it all roll out, and throw it in, of course! The Alienware Aurora gaming desktop intends to maintain its lead at the very elite of high-performance gaming desktops by including the brand new GeForce GTX TITAN Z from NVIDIA, with prices starting from “just” $3,799, ensuring that gamers who need the […]

Alienware Alpha Gaming Console Announced
At E3 2014 Alienware is announcing that its PC-based Alpha Gaming Console will be ready on time for the “2014 holiday”. Apha is based on the Steam machine hardware that Alienware presented at CES, and I have seen a few myself during the Game Developers Conference 2014 (GDC). Since Valve’s Steam OS won’t be ready by the time this is launched, Alpha cannot be called a “Steam Machine“.

Alienware Does Not Expect To Profit From Steam Machines
When Valve announced Steam Machines, it seemed like the company’s way of invading the living room space which is currently dominated by the likes of Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. Now Valve will not be making these machines themselves, but will instead allow hardware OEMs to create their own devices, kind of like how Google provides Android as software, while leaving OEMs to come up with their own hardware and design.One […]

Alienware Steam Machine Can Be Upgraded After All
A couple of days ago, we reported that Alienware’s Steam Machine will not be able to be upgraded, which then raised a fair number of legitimate questions. After all, not being able to upgrade your computer simply does not make much sense at all, since PC games do not work that way unlike consoles. It also provides users with the flexibility to perform incremental upgrades without having to purchase a […]

Alienware's Steam Machines Will Not Be Upgradeable, Released On A Yearly Cycle
Earlier this month, Valve treated folks to an unveiling of several Steam Machines that would be debuting later on in the year. Popular gaming computer company, Alienware, was one of the companies that managed to get the license to build Steam Machines and it was a thing of beauty. It was sleek and not ostentatious in terms of its designs and kept the LED lights to a minimum. Last we […]