12 And 24 Core AMD Threadripper 2 Chips Launching October 29th
If you have been excited to pick up AMD’s second-generation processors but didn’t really feel the need for the 32 core model then you’re going to like this. The company has announced that it’s going to launch 12 core and 24 core Threadripper 2 models later this month. They won’t be budget processors by any stretch of the imagination but it would certainly be better than going all out on […]

AMD Launches New 45W Ryzen Laptop Chips
AMD is out with two new processors today. They’re 45W Ryzen chips for laptops which will compete against Intel’s Coffee Lake H series processors that are widely used for gaming notebooks and workstations. The new chips are essentially laptop versions of the four-core desktop-class chips that AMD launched earlier this year. However, they will enable AMD’s silicon to find its way into more portable computers.

AMD 7nm Radeon Graphics Card To Launch This Year
There has been a lot of talk about NVIDIA’s latest graphics cards over the past week and AMD doesn’t want its competitor to hog the spotlight, understandably. The company has confirmed that it’s going to launch the world’s first graphics cards this year based on the 7nm process technology.

AMD’s Next CPUs And GPUs Will Be Made By TSMC
GlobalFoundries has long been AMD’s manufacturing partner for its processors and GPUs but the latter is now going with another contract manufacturer and there’s a good reason for that. AMD has confirmed that its new CPUs and GPUs based on the 7nm process technology will be made by the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.


AMD Unveils The Radeon Pro WX 8200 GPU For Workstations
Not all GPUs were made equal. While many might associate GPUs with gaming, the reality is that GPUs can be used for other things as well, such as video processing. For those who are in need for a powerful GPU for work purposes that might not necessarily break the bank, the folks at AMD might have something for you.

AMD’s 32-Core Ryzen Threadripper Chip Up For Pre-Order
If you’re on the market for some serious performance and money is no object then consider AMD’s bonkers 32-core, 64-thread Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX chip which the company unveiled back in June. The chip is now available for pre-order. It’s based on AMD’s 12nm Zen+ core architecture and is fully compatible with existing X399 AMD motherboards.

AMD Ryzen 7 2700E Energy Efficient Processor Surfaces
It appears that AMD is preparing to release a low energy consumption processor as part of its Ryzen series of processors. The AMD Ryzen 7 2700E has surfaced online recently and it’s seems to have a TDP of 45 Watts only. TDP or thermal design point can be best described as the maximum amount of heat that’s generated by a computer chip that the cooling system in the computer is […]

PlayStation 5 To Reportedly Use AMD’s Zen CPU
Sony hasn’t revealed anything about its next-generation PlayStation console but if a new report is to be believed, the PlayStation 5 will be powered by AMD’s Zen CPU architecture paired with the company’s Navi GPU architecture. The report even mentions that AMD developed the Navi GPU architecture specifically for the PlayStation 5.

AMD 7nm Zen 2 Chips Will Be Sampled This Year
AMD recently launched a new generation of its Ryzen processors that are built on the revamped 12nm FinFET process and it’s now looking forward to what it plans on doing next year. AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su confirmed in a recent earnings call with investors that the company is going to release its Zen 2 chips in 2019 and it won’t be a launch on a small scale, the AMD […]

AMD Launches ‘Combat Crate’ Bundle To Help Gamers Build Their Rigs
Due to the amount of power required to run cryptocurrency mining rigs, many miners have been on a buying spree of GPUs which unfortunately has left the market high in demand for GPUs but unfortunately low in supply. As a result due to the law of supply and demand, remaining units have been priced pretty high.

AOC Unveils New Monitor With FreeSync 2 Support
Earlier this month the folks at AOC unveiled a new ultrawide gaming monitor with support for NVIDIA’s G-Sync. No doubt this is great news for those with NVIDIA gaming rigs, but what if you’re more of an AMD gamer? Not to worry because AOC has since launched a new monitor with support for AMD’s FreeSync 2 tech.

Second-Generation Ryzen Processors Up For Pre-Order
AMD’s Ryzen processors have been very well received as they offered proper competition to competing products from market leader Intel. The company certainly wants to build up on that foundation which is why it launched the second-generation Ryzen processors for desktops not too long ago. The new chips are an improvement over the first generation and ensure that AMD can sustain the momentum that Ryzen has gained over the past […]

Xbox One X And Xbox One S To Get Support For AMD FreeSync Displays
Microsoft has confirmed that the Xbox One X and the Xbox One S will soon receive support for AMD Radeon FreeSync displays. This means that they will be able to support variable refresh rate on compatible displays thus reducing tearing and stuttering for gamers who own such displays. This will go toward creating a more smooth and seamless gaming experience.

New AMD Ryzen Processors Feature Integrated Radeon Graphics
AMD has announced the launch of two new Ryzen processors for desktops that are a bit different from the other desktop chips we’ve seen from the company recently. They have built-in Radeon Vega graphics as they combine AMD’s CPU and GPU architectures into a single chip. The AMD Ryzen 5 2400G and Ryzen 3 22G processors are now available, they combine four of the latest Zen CPU cores from AMD […]