For years on end, Apple has relied exclusively on Intel for the processors used in their Mac computers. However, things could be changing because according to recent code discovered in the latest macOS Catalina beta, it seems that Apple could be toying around with the possibility of using AMD processors as well.

What’s interesting about this is that there has not been any other signs to indicate that Apple might want to switch from Intel to AMD. We know that Apple already uses AMD for its GPUs in its Macs, but like we said, there have been no other signs to suggest a switch. It is possible that Apple is conducting some internal testing, but that is by no means a guarantee of anything.

In fact, if anything, what we have been hearing every now and then is that Apple actually wants to go with custom-made processors for its future Mac computers, where there is a chance that the A-series of chipsets used in the iPhone and iPad could eventually find their way into a Mac computer.

That being said, if such a change ever takes place where Apple launches an AMD Mac, maybe, just maybe, it could be tied in with a rumor we heard last year about Apple planning a high-end Mac designed for gamers. Take this speculation with a grain of salt for now, but maybe you should temper your expectations until more information is uncovered.

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