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Angry Birds Transformers Will Be Rolling Out Worldwide Today
Earlier this year, Rovio announced Angry Birds Transformers, another iteration of the Angry Birds franchise and yet another collaborative effort between Rovio and movie studios. The game was released in Finland and New Zealand last month, but the good news is that if you live in neither region, Rovio has announced that the game will be rolling out worldwide starting today.The game will be arriving on iOS devices first, and […]

Angry Birds Movie To Feature Plenty Of Comedic Talent
It was in May last year that we brought you a snippet on how there will be an extension of Rovio’s hugely popular Angry Birds mobile game franchise, where it has seen the likes of accessories and apparel released, and that extension would arrive in the form of a motion picture that will be based on the Angry Birds premise. It does make me wonder whether there will be an […]

Angry Birds Transformers Gives iOS A 15-Day Head Start
If there is one particular gaming franchise on the mobile phone and tablet platform which has reigned supreme for some time, it would be Rovio’s Angry Birds. There has been different “episodes”, so to speak, that have been released over the years, where each new version of Angry Birds will offer a slightly different gameplay and setting, although the premise remains the same – gain as many points as possible […]

Angry Birds Stella Flies In
First announced in February earlier this year, Rovio has kept to their promise of rolling out Angry Birds Stella on September 4th, and you will now be able to join Stella alongside her friends who go by the names Willow, Dahlia, Poppy, and Luca. The whole premise of the game would fall back on a quest that sees you help in the journey to reclaim Stella’s scrapbook as well as […]


Angry Birds Stella Pegged For 4th September Release
Earlier this year, Rovio announced that they had a new Angry Birds game in the works called Angry Birds Stella. This will actually be the tenth game in the Angry Birds franchise and will introduce gamers to a host of new characters. However apart from the introduction to new characters, the gameplay is expected to remain the same.There will be new locations for players to play from, such as Golden […]

Angry Birds Stella Trailer Now Available
Angry Birds Stella, a new game from Rovio that will be part of the phenomenally successful Angry Birds franchise, was first announced in February earlier this year, with an announcement in June that the game will finally be made available to the masses from September 2014 onward. Well, since we are now in August, it makes perfect sense to look forward to the title on our respective mobile devices. Do […]

Angry Birds Transformers Trailer Revealed
It was in the middle of last month that Rovio announced their mash up with the folks over at Hasbro, who are preparing a totally new Angry Birds title that is known as Angry Birds Transformers. No doubt there is still excitement reverberating from the latest Transformers flick, and so to have an Angry Birds tie in with the Transformers franchise is definitely something that is worth a shot. In […]

Fancy Playing Angry Birds With A Robot?
Angry Birds, the mobile game that has allegedly cost billions in productivity losses over the years, continues to be Rovio’s biggest money spinner until today. While the game has lost its initial popularity among the masses, it has become a highly recognizable icon, and a Georgia Tech team has worked to pair up a humanoid robot alongside Angry Birds to assist kids when it comes to the rehabilitation process. In […]

Angry Birds Transformers Revealed
Rovio, the company behind the hugely successful Angry Birds franchise (who recently announced Angry Birds Epic, a turn-based RPG in the Angry Birds universe), Rovio, has teamed up with Hasbro to deliver an amalgamation of Transformers and Angry Birds in a brand-new mash-up. The end result? Why, it would be none other than Angry Birds Transformers, of course!

Angry Birds Epic Turn-Based RPG Released
Angry Birds shot to global popularity after first being released on iOS a few years back. Its truly a phenomenon in its own right. Now its available for a wide variety of platforms but Rovio, the game’s developer, just made one of the biggest changes to the franchise. Unlike all previous installments, the latest Angry Birds title is actually a turn-based RPG. Called Angry Birds Epic, the game has been released today […]

Angry Birds Stella Set To Shine This September
Earlier this year, we did learn of the next evolution of the Angry Birds franchise, where it will be known as Angry Birds Stella. Having said that, the first Angry Birds Stella game is all set to arrive in the market later this coming September, while it will hopefully continue the expected rich vein of success with the animation series all set to premiere a couple of months after that […]

Rovio's Profits Take A Dip, Is Angry Birds Losing Its Popularity?
For years Rovio’s Angry Birds franchise was considered the company’s cash cow. After all it was one of the games that launched on touchscreen devices and took advantage of the device’s touchscreen display for its gameplay mechanics.Rovio later tried to milk the franchise for all its worth by releasing multiple variants of the game and even tied in with movies like Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Star Wars. That […]

Angry Birds Epic Is A Turn Based RPG
Flappy Bird may have been a global sensation in its own right, but nothing brought birds and smartphones together like Angry Birds. Rovio’s flagship title has since spread to a plethora of form factors and platforms. The company continues to update the title once in a while, add new levels and select new themes to build the infamous bird slinging game on. Recently it has been teasing a whole new […]

Rovio Teases New Angry Birds Game
Rovio has been milking the Angry Birds franchise for a very long time now and it is understandable why. After all customers just keep buying the new games whenever they are released, so why would Rovio want to put an end to that, right?So far we have seen Rovio attempt to break out from the typical Angry Birds setup through titles such as Bad Piggies and Angry Birds Go! which […]