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Apple Arcade Now Has A Cheaper Annual Subscription Option
Apple Arcade currently costs subscribers $4.99 a month. It’s not particularly expensive, but if you do have multiple subscriptions to other services running, we imagine that it will all add up to be quite a lot. The good news is that Apple is now giving you a chance to save some money if you’re willing to commit.

Apple Services Subscription Bundle Expected In 2020
For a while now, we have been hearing that Apple could be planning some kind of subscription bundle where it would consist of various Apple services all bundled into a single subscription, making it easier and potentially cheaper for customers to subscribe to multiple Apple services all at once.

Apple Arcade Might Not Be Great At Handling 4K Games
Apple Arcade was launched last month where it found its way onto platforms like iOS and the Apple TV. Now, as you might know, the new Apple TV supports 4K which is great for videos, but it turns out that maybe not so great for games. This is according to early reviews of Apple Arcade in which users are reporting that it’s not such an ideal experience.

Apple Arcade Will Be Officially Launching On September 19
Apple Arcade was initially announced in the earlier part of the year. However, Apple declined to mention when the service will be launched or how much it might cost, but today at Apple’s iPhone event, those details have since been officially confirmed.


Early Apple Arcade Hands-On Preview Shows Us What To Expect
According to a recent report, it has been suggested that Apple could be gearing up to launch its Apple Arcade subscription service where for $4.99 a month, you could play as many premium games as you want. However, apart from the official announcement and rumored pricing, not much else is known about the service.

Apple Arcade Expected To Cost $4.99 A Month
Back in March, Apple announced an upcoming subscription service called Apple Arcade. For those who are unfamiliar, Apple Arcade is a monthly subscription in which for a flat fee, Apple customers will be able to access a library of games, some of which will be exclusive to Apple Arcade.

Apple Reportedly Investing $500 Million Towards Apple Arcade
Last month Apple announced a new game subscription service called Apple Arcade. For a fixed monthly price, gamers would be able to access premium paid-for titles that would be exclusive to the platform in a bid to try and get people to sign up for it. Th e titles part of the store are also expected to be largely new titles as well, instead of just rehashing existing paid-for games.

Could No Man’s Sky Be Coming To Apple Arcade?
The other day, Apple announced their new Apple Arcade gaming service that will be launching later this year. Now according to some speculation, it seems that one of the games that could be part of the new gaming service could be No Man’s Sky, the somewhat controversial indie game that launched a while ago.

Apple Arcade Game Subscription Service Officially Announced
It was rumored last week that Apple could be looking to launch a new gaming subscription service. Turns out the rumors were true because Apple has since officially announced Apple Arcade, the company’s latest attempts on gaming where for a fixed price every month, gamers will be able to access a library of games.