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Apple Card Could Be Launching As Soon As This week
Earlier this year, Apple announced the Apple Card. With Apple already embracing mobile payments with Apple Pay, it didn’t exactly come as a surprise to learn that the company would be launching their own credit card. There is no word on when the Apple Card will be launched, but now according a report from 9to5Mac, it could be launching as soon as this week.

JCPenney Starts Accepting Apple Pay Again
It has been a few months since retailer JCPenney pulled support for Apple Pay and other contactless payment services from its stores. It was thus no longer possible to pay for purchases using your iPhone or Apple Watch. The retailer appears to have reversed course as it has started accepting Apple Pay transactions once again this month.

Apple Pay Can Be Used On NYC Public Transport Starting May 31st
It was reported that the Apple Pay Express Transit feature will soon be supported by the MTA in New York City. It has been officially confirmed today that commuters will be able to pay for their subway and bus trips with Apple Pay starting May 31st. This means that they will no longer have to purchase physical MetroCards for rides.

Apple Pay Express Transit Integration Debuts In Portland
iPhone and Apple Watch owners in the United States can now use the Express Transit functionality of their devices for the first time in the United States. Portland has become the first city in the entire country to offer integration for the Apple Pay Express Transit feature. They will be able to use it to board the TriMet and C-Tran buses, MAX light rail trains, and the Portland Streetcar in […]


Anecdote Reveals That Steve Jobs Had The Idea For An Apple Card Back In 2004
Earlier this year and to everyone’s surprise, Apple announced that they would launching their own physical credit card in the form of the Apple Card. However, it seems that if you’ve worked at Apple back in the early days, this might not have been quite as surprising because as it turns out, the Apple Card was one of Steve Jobs’ ideas.

This Is What The Apple Card Looks Like In Real Life
Back in March, Apple announced the Apple Card. This is Apple’s take on a credit card and according to the company, it’s not just a regular credit card as it will actually be made out of titanium. Credit cards made out of metal are typically exclusive to the higher echelons, but it seems that Apple will be bringing it to the masses.

Apple And Google Pay Now Accepted By The UK Government For Select Services
Apple and Google Pay users in the United Kingdom can now pay their government for four services using their preferred mobile payments service. The government has started accepting the services as a payment option for four services at this point in time. It may expand the support to additional services down the road as well.

New York City's MTA Transit System Gets Apple Pay This Summer
It was expected that New York City would finally start accepting Apple Pay for its transit system and it seems that the day won’t be far before commuters can pay on the go with Apple Pay. The company’s CEO Tim Cook said during Apple’s Q2 earnings call this week that Apple Pay will be rolling out to New York City’s MTA transit system in “early summer” of 2019.

JCPenney Has Dropped Apple Pay Support
While it has been possible to pay in store and through the iOS app at JCPenney using Apple Pay, that will no longer be the case. The retail chain has confirmed that it has dropped Apple Pay support. The move has been rather abrupt and no concrete information has been offered as to why it decided to do this.

Uber Eats Gets Apple Pay In Over A Dozen Markets
It has been possible to pay for an Uber through Apple Pay since 2014 but this payment option hasn’t been available in Uber’s food delivery app called Uber Eats. That’s changing today as Uber has announced that it will now be possible to pay for your Uber Eats order with Apple Pay. Users will authenticate their transactions using Touch ID or Face ID instead of having to fill out their billing […]

Apple Pay Pilot For NYC Transit Launches This Spring
Apple confirmed last month that its mobile payments service, Apple Pay, is going to work with transit systems in major U.S. cities this year. It was later reported that New York City will run an Apple Pay pilot for transit on a couple of lines in the spring this year before rolling it out to additional lines throughout the year.

Apple Pay Will Work With Transit Systems In Major U.S. Cities This Year
Apple confirmed during its event today that the Apple Pay mobile payments service will work with public transit systems of a few major U.S. cities later this year. Being able to pay for public transit quickly and easily with your phone is one of the best uses for a mobile payments service so it’s good that support for Apple Pay will arrive to more transit networks in the coming months.

Los Angeles Metro System May Support Apple Pay This Fall
Folks in Los Angeles may be able to make fare payments using Apple Pay before the end of this year. A new report claims that the rail and bus transit system of the city should allow riders to pay fares using Apple Pay this fall.

Apple Pay Will Now Be Accepted At Target And Taco Bell
A couple of major U.S. merchants will now begin accepting Apple’s mobile payments service. The company announced today that Apple Pay is coming to Target and Taco Bell. It also mentions that seventy four of the top 100 U.S. merchants now accept Apple Pay.