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Audi E-Tron Sportback Electric Vehicle Unveiled
Audi today unveiled its much-awaited electric concept vehicle. Shown off to the press at Auto Shanghai 2017 today, Audi is calling it the e-tron Sportback. Audi has confirmed that its second all-electric car after the e-tron quattro is going to be based off of this concept. The company has also confirmed that this coupé crossover is going to hit the road a year after the quattro comes out.

Carmakers Announce Plans For EV Chargers Along Highways In Europe
As much as many people would love to adopt electric vehicles, we suppose there is still that bit of fear regarding the availability of EV chargers. After all no one likes their car dying in the middle of nowhere, right? While EV chargers are starting to become more common, they aren’t nearly as ubiquitous as gas stations.

Final Fantasy XV Audi R8 Goes On Sale For Almost $500,000
Did you watch the Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV movie that was released earlier this year in July? It’s a CG-rendered movie that was released by Sony Pictures in the run up to the Final Fantasy XV game that’s going to be released later this month for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The movie featured a special version of the 2017 Audi R8 called the Star of Lucis. Audi Japan is […]

Tesla Dominates Luxury Car Sales In The US
Turn back the clock 10 years and the idea of electric cars dominating the roads would seem quite ludicrous. This is because back then, charging stations were few and far in between, and the range offered by electric cars back then was pretty much laughable. Fast forward today and it’s a very different picture we are looking at.


Audi Reportedly Cancels Electric Supercar
Audi is one of the many German luxury car manufacturers working on electric cars. The Audi R8 is one of the best supercars the company has ever made. It showed off a production model of the electric version of this car at the 2015 Geneva Auto Show, but it appears that the electric sportscar will not be hitting the road. According to a new report, the German manufacturer has canceled […]

German Carmakers Share Real Time Data To Help Find Parking Spots
Finding a parking spot can prove to be tricky sometimes, especially if it’s somewhere you’re unfamiliar with, or if it is in a particularly popular area/mall. Apps to help you find parking aren’t new, and recently we’ve seen navigation apps such as Waze come up with some ideas on locating a parking spot.

Audi Connecting Cars In The U.S. To Traffic Signals
Audi has announced today that it’s rolling out technology in the United States which will enable its cars to communicate with traffic signals. It says that this will be the industry’s first use of this relatively new technology and that it’s going to provide a more stress-free ride. The company has said that select 2017 Q7 and A4 models that are built after June 1st, 2016 will feature this groundbreaking […]

Audi's New Suspension Converts Road Bumps Into Electricity
We all wish for roads as smooth as a runway but that’s hardly the case. Potholes and bumps are a daily occurrence and while we curse the pain they have the ability to inflict on our backs, Audi has dreamed up a new way of putting that energy to use. It has created a new active suspension it’s calling the eROT which uses electromechanical shocks instead of hydraulic ones to […]

Audi To Launch Three Electric Cars By 2020
Audi previously announced plans to launch one electric car every year starting in 2018 and it’s keeping true to that promise. The company’s CEO Rupert Stadler has reiterated that Audi is going to release three electric cars by 2020. Audi is bullish on the performance of its electric cars and expects that they will account for a quarter of its annual sales by 2025.

Tesla Hires Audi's Production Boss To Streamline Its Production
Tesla is great at creating futuristic all-electric cars but when it comes to actually producing those vehicles it’s production process isn’t as streamlined as it should be, hence the recurring delays in production, and now that it has received a record number of orders for the Model 3 the company really needs to do something to ramp up its production. This first step to achieving that goal is to hire […]

2017 Audi TT RS Unveiled, Packs 400 Horsepower Under The Hood
Earlier we reported that Audi took the wraps off a Connected Mobility Concept Car which came with an electric longboard hidden in its rear bumper, providing the driver with a clean and potentially more fun alternative mode of transportation. However at the end of the day, it is still a concept vehicle.

Audi Connected Mobility Concept Has A Longboard In Its Rear Bumper
We know that there are some places that are walkable but due to laziness, some people would much rather drive. Not only is this a waste of gas, but it can also lead to other problems such as adding on to traffic, making parking difficult for other drivers, and so on. However Audi has recently unveiled its Connected Mobility Concept car that could solve that.

Audi Shows Off A Hydrogen-Powered SUV Concept At Detroit Auto Show
It was reported late last month that at the Detroit Auto Show this year Audi might show up with a hydrogen-powered SUV concept, and that’s precisely what it has done. The company has unveiled its h-tron quattro SUV concept that’s powered by hydrogen coupled with a fuel cell powertrain. It’s a concept for now so there’s no saying if and when a model based on this concept is going to […]

Audi e-tron Electric SUV Concept Can Pilot Itself In Traffic
Audi had previously announced that it would show off an all-electric SUV concept at CES 2016 and it has followed through on that promise. The Audi e-tron is a concept fully-electric sports SUV, don’t expect to see this on the roads it merely proves a point about where Audi wants its technology to go, and also showcases the company’s strategy to tackle the growing market for all-electric cars.