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Sync Up Launched
Both Barnes & Noble and NOOK Media have announced that they recently introduced a brand new program that is known as Sync Up, where Sync Up is touted to deliver a rather generous discount when it comes to select eBooks whenever you decide to pick up a paperback copy of the same title, now how about that? I suppose one can somewhat equate this to a kind of Barnes & […]

Samsung Teams Up With Barnes & Noble For Another Tablet
Barnes & Noble may not have developed a tablet of its own for quite some time now but its relationship with Samsung seems to be flourishing quite nicely. Both companies have already released one Nook-branded tablet and today they’re out with another one: the Galaxy Tab 4 Nook 10.1. As you would expect the hardware end is all Samsung while the tablet comes with some software tweaks courtesy of Barnes & […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook Will Be Shown Off On 20th August
Back in June, Samsung and Barnes & Noble announced a partnership in which they would release co-branded tablets, the first of which was the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook. Given that Barnes & Noble have ceased production of their Nook tablets, essentially ceding their market share to the likes of Amazon, we guess this is one way for the company to remain relevant in the tablet/e-book world.That being said, CNET […]

Barnes & Noble Fired Nook Engineering Staff [Rumor]
Its no secret that Barnes & Noble’s hardware division hasn’t performed too spectacularly in recent quarters, in fact the future of this very division is at best uncertain. Business Insider has been tipped off by a source that B&N has actually fired all of its Nook hardware engineering staff. According to the source, the entire staff was laid off last Thursday, following the dismissal of Bill Saperstein in January. Saperstein was […]


Barnes & Noble Sees Dismal Nook Sales During Holiday Season
Barnes & Noble today reported its holiday sales results from the nine-week period that ended on December 28th. While most major companies saw record breaking sales throughout the holiday season, B&N wasn’t able to replicate their success. In fact, its Nook business lost quite a bit of ground that it had gained around the same period in 2012. Total revenue from Nook, which includes accessories and devices sales as well as […]

Barnes & Noble Continue To Work On NOOK Tablets
Barnes & Noble does not seem as though they are going to stop work on NOOK tablets down the road, despite what looked as though they were going to stop the manufacturing of color NOOK tablets such as the NOOK HD and NOOK HD+. In fact, it was earlier this year in June that Barnes & Noble announced plans that they would stop production of its NOOK tablet range, despite […]

Barnes & Noble NOOK Snaps Unveiled
Barnes & Noble has just announced NOOK Snaps, where it is actually a selection of exclusive short reads that will cater for its tablets and e-readers. This is definitely a move that some folks would agree with, especially since it would see an increase in the amount of exclusive content that can be found on the range of NOOK tablets and e-readers. Just what is NOOK Snaps, you ask? Well, […]

Barnes & Noble NOOK Simple Touch Gets Updated
The NOOK Simple Touch from Barnes & Noble so happens to be a highly affordable electronic book reader that sports an E Ink display, and you know right from the get go (without any pretense) that it is designed for reading e-books and just about that. Well, the NOOK Simple Touch does come with Wi-Fi connectivity, which means all that you are able to do at the moment is to […]

NOOK Color Gets CyanogenMod 10.1 Nightlies
When Barnes & Noble first announced the NOOK Color, that was all the way back in October of 2010, which frankly, is a pretty long way back to the past via the time machine – at least in terms of technology, 3 years is a pretty long time ago. The NOOK Color held the distinction of being the first popular 7” Android-powered tablet that was specially priced to move without […]

Barnes & Noble Offers Free E-Ink Reader With Nook HD+ Purchase
If an e-reader was always something you wanted, but ultimately decided that a tablet might be better since it can do more things, well now you might not have to choose between the two. Barnes & Noble has announced a new deal in their efforts to promote their Nook HD+ tablet. In the past the company has offered deals such as free credit of $50 to spend on Nook content, […]

Barnes & Noble Consider Quitting Nook Game
When it comes to dedicated e-book readers, there are a few players in the market that come to mind, and Barnes & Noble would definitely be one of them. Having said that, one ought to realize by now that e-book readers are not exactly high on most folks’ shopping lists, as they would more or less prefer to settle for something like a tablet which does so much more, although […]

Barnes & Noble To Close 200 Stores In Future
For those of you out there who have made Barnes & Noble your favorite bookstore to visit, we bring you some rather disturbing news. It seems that they will be closing around 200 stores in the years to come as part of their corporate strategy in shifting more attention and focus to the digital book market. In speaking to the Wall Street Journal, Barnes & Noble retail group CEO Mitchell […]

Barnes & Noble Nook reading app arrives on Windows 8 and Windows RT
After agreeing on a partnership with Microsoft last month, Barnes & Noble launches its Nook reading app for Windows 8 and Windows RT today. The app, which is available for free, allows Windows 8 users to view Barnes & Noble’s list of books, magazines, newspapers, and comics. Users can even shop from over three million titles including New York Times bestsellers, new releases, and the hottest newsstand issues.On the other hand, if […]

Barnes & Noble reduces NOOK Tablet and NOOK Color pricing
Most folks would say that the iPad mini has been priced out of range from its target competitors – namely the Google Nexus 7 which was manufactured by Asus and the Amazon Kindle Fire HD. Well, the thing about tablets in the 7” segment is this – they’re priced to move, and Barnes & Noble wants to be in on the game as well with a recent announcement of a […]