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EA Open To Battlefield V Being Cross-Platform
Back in the day if you bought a console and you wanted to play multiplayer games, you could only play with those who had the same console. This means that generally groups of friends would try to get the same console so that they could play with each other. These days it’s starting to change as developers are trying to make their games cross-platform compatible.

EA Planning More Hands-On Opportunities For Battlefield V
Earlier this year, EA officially announced Battlefield V which is currently set for a release on the 19th of October. However if you wanted a chance to check out the game ahead of its release, not to worry because this is something that EA is looking to do as the company is planning for more hands-on opportunities for gamers.

Battlefield V Open Beta Kicks Off This September
EA’s Battlefield V is set for a release on the 19th of October and if you’re interested in checking out the game before its release, you’ll be pleased to learn that EA has confirmed that the open beta for the upcoming game will be taking place this September. Given that it is an open beta it means that anyone who is interested in checking it can do so without necessarily […]

Battlefield V Minimum System Requirements Revealed
With Battlefield V launching this coming October, safe to say that given how popular the franchise is that many gamers are no doubt looking forward to its release. The game is set for a release on the Xbox One and PS4 which means that console gamers don’t need to worry about system requirements.


EA Confirms Battlefield V Will Not Feature Loot Boxes
Following the controversy surrounding EA’s Star Wars: Battlefront 2, it seems that the company might be treading lightly when it comes to loot boxes in their other games. In fact it seems that the recently announced Battlefield V will not be featuring loot boxes of any kind, meaning that players won’t have to worry about spending more than they should.

Battlefield V’s Playable, Female Characters Are Here To Stay
When Battlefield V was officially announced, many were surprised to see a female character represented so prominently in the game. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just that previous Battlefield games seem to predominantly feature male characters, so to see female characters so prominently featured was surprising.

Battlefield V Won’t Feature Paid DLCs Or Premium Passes
One of the popular ways we’re seeing developers and publishers adopt these days to boost revenue beyond the initial sale of the game, is with microtransactions and also season passes/paid DLCs. This is versus how games were released in the past, where updates including new content were expected for free, with the exception of full expansions.

Battlefield V Officially Announced, Set For October 19 Release
A couple of weeks ago EA officially confirmed that Battlefield V is the next installment in the Battlefield franchise, and for those looking for more information about the game and its release date, you’ll be pleased to learn that the official reveal trailer has since been released along with a release date for the game which is set for the 19th of October, 2018.

Battlefield V Teaser Video Hints At WWII Setting
EA has confirmed that Battlefield V is in the works and that the official announcement is set for the 23rd of May. However ahead of the official unveiling, it seems that the company has teased via Twitter that the upcoming game could have a World War II setting.

2018 Battlefield Game Launch Due On May 23rd
EA is due to release a new Battlefield game this year and we now know when the publisher will be officially announcing the much-awaited title. It has released the first teaser for the 2018 Battlefield game through a page on its domain which is currently a barebones page now but mentions May 23rd as the date. It’s a simple teaser which basically confirms that we should mark our calendars for […]

EA’s Battlefield 5 To Feature Single-Player Mode
While games like Call of Duty and Battlefield are typically known for their multiplayer aspects, there are some who do enjoy the single-player aspects of the game as well. Unfortunately the reports are saying that Activision’s upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 might not have single-player mode and this is something EA might want to capitalize on.

2018 Battlefield Game Could Be ‘Bad Company 3’
So Activision has already confirmed that we will be getting a new Call of Duty game later this year, and the question is what about EA’s Battlefield? Will we be seeing a new Battlefield game this year? Unlike Call of Duty, Battlefield hasn’t always been an annual release, but at the same time we reckon a new installment in the franchise is due.

Battlefield 1’s Monthly Updates Will Be Coming To An End
Battlefield 1’s developer DICE has been issuing monthly updates to the game. This is a good way for the developer to stay on top of bugs, but also to constantly ensure that the game is updated with bug fixes, security loopholes patched, along with gameplay improvements, new content, and so on.

EA Created An AI That Taught Itself How To Play Battlefiled 1
Whether or not it will come to pass remains to be seen, but one of the fears behind developing artificial intelligence (AI) is that one day it might become sentient and overthrow humanity, much like in James Cameron’s Terminator. Now it looks like EA could be helping it along because they have created a self-learning AI that actually taught itself how to play Battlefield 1. Yup, now there exists an […]