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HP Cloud Services private beta program announced
HP has just dropped the news on the private beta program of their HP Cloud Services, letting those who are interested (and qualify) to test, experience and provide input on both the HP Cloud Compute and HP Cloud Object Storage. These two are based on HP’s world class hardware and software with key elements of HP Converged Infrastructure and HP Software, working together in tandem with a developer friendly, integration […]

"Near final" build of iOS reportedly in carrier testing
There has been word that iOS 5 is reaching its final build, and the rumors are suggesting that selected carriers have been given the “near final” build of iOS 5 for testing. We’re not sure if this implies that the iPhone 5 is nearing as well, but for those who are more interested in iOS 5, it appears that there are several key features in iOS 5 that are reportedly […]

iTunes Match seeded to developers, supports streaming playback
Illegal downloading of music is hurting the record industry, but despite the fact that songs are now pretty affordable (about $0.99 per song), nothing trumps free, right? When iTunes Match was announced during WWDC 2011 earlier this year, it looks like Apple may have found a way to fight piracy.

Firefox 7 Beta uses less memory
We do know that Mozilla has just released Firefox 6, but here we are with Firefox 7 Beta – and this particular version (also, we did cover whispers of Mozilla mulling over whether to do away with version numbers) is said to be the first to implement Memshrink. Just what does Memshrink bring to the table? It will be able to reduce Firefox’s memory usage by get this – nearly […]


Diablo 3 beta confirmed for September
Diablo 3 is one of those much anticipated games, and with the release of the highly successful Diablo 2 being slightly over a decade ago, naturally its successor is due for a release, but as to when, that remains to be seen.

Adobe Muse changes the way users create websites
If you’re into website design and your work well with Adobe’s graphic tools, you’re going to love Adobe’s upcoming software –Muse (at least that’s its code name for now). Adobe has just released the public beta of its next generation web-design program. It truly eliminates the need for a designer to know code when it comes to creating a website. With Muse, Adobe plans to completely do away with website […]

Mozilla Firefox to automatically block unwanted add-ons
Don’t you hate it when you install a program, and it unknowingly installs a browser add-on in your browser for you even though you didn’t select the option to? (Skype, I’m looking at you). Well if you’re a Firefox user, we’ve got some great news. Mozilla has announced that Firefox add-ons won’t simply end their way onto your browser without your approval.Each time the browser starts up, if it detects […]

Assassin’s Creed Revelation Beta arrives on PlayStation Plus this September 3rd
Looking forward to Assassin’s Creed Revelation? The beta will hit PlayStation Plus later this September 3rd, so you can start saving up your drool for that particular date. In the mean time, you might want to keep yourself occupied by playing the first Assassin’s Creed just to relive all those moments and hone your killer instinct.Just what can you expect from the beta? Here is a quick rundown, and bear […]

Steam Trading is now in beta
Steam, one of the most popular platforms for purchasing digital video games just keeps getting better. Valve software has officially started rolling out the beta version of its new trading system to its users. Just like its name implies, Steam Trading will enable Steam users to participate in trades via the service. Users will be able to trade things like their in-game items and games for other in-game items or […]

Apple cracking down on non-authorized devices running iOS 5
We understand that with the upcoming release of iOS 5, there are probably plenty of iOS users and a few other interested parties who are curious about what the latest incarnation of iOS 5 will bring to the table. Developers who had access to the betas of iOS 5 probably recognized that there was a market for the betas, especially for early adopters, and have started selling their UDID slots.

Yahoo! WebPlayer beta launched
Yahoo! has just announced the release of the first beta version of Yahoo! WebPlayer. An evolution of the Yahoo! Media Player, it is a flexible and universal media player that allows people to let readers listen to music or view videos on their websites. All you have to do is add one line of code to your page and users can easily access the player which will let them view […]

Apple's Find my Mac beta opened to developers
While the iPhone has the “Find my iPhone” utility app that lets iPhone users search for their missing/misplaced/stolen iPhones, Apple has recently enabled beta testing of a new security feature which they have dubbed “Find my Mac” to developers, which we’re guessing is the same as “Find my iPhone” except for Mac computers.

iCloud pricing revealed along with possible refunds
When iOS 5 was announced along with iCloud at WWDC 2011, the release date for both of Apple’s services were set to be launched in the fall of 2011. Well as far as iOS 5 is concerned the beta has already gone out several times to developers and now it appears it is iCloud’s time to shine.

MoBubble: the location based Craigslist
Fans of Craigslist will probably find this upcoming app from MoBubble pretty useful. Called MoBubble, is essentially an app-based version of Craigslist that works based on the location you’re in. Users advertise their goods or services based on where they’re currently situated (the app makes use of location tracking), to make it easier for people to locate where they are.In addition to being able to list your goods or services, […]