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iCloud pricing revealed along with possible refunds
When iOS 5 was announced along with iCloud at WWDC 2011, the release date for both of Apple’s services were set to be launched in the fall of 2011. Well as far as iOS 5 is concerned the beta has already gone out several times to developers and now it appears it is iCloud’s time to shine.

MoBubble: the location based Craigslist
Fans of Craigslist will probably find this upcoming app from MoBubble pretty useful. Called MoBubble, is essentially an app-based version of Craigslist that works based on the location you’re in. Users advertise their goods or services based on where they’re currently situated (the app makes use of location tracking), to make it easier for people to locate where they are.In addition to being able to list your goods or services, […]

Google Music unofficial extension now available on Chrome browsers
Not everybody has gotten their hands on an invite to the Google Music beta, but that doesn’t stop people from developing extensions for it. Level 2 Studios has come up with an unofficial extension for Google Chrome that gives you the option to listen to your Google Music from the browser without having to open up the website. With the extension, users can song scrobble, “love” songs on Last.FM, Google […]

Kinect Windows SDK arriving tomorrow?
Microsoft has previously made it known that it’ll be releasing the official Kinect SDK to developers sometime this year, but there hasn’t been any official date mentioned yet, until now. The official SDK that will allow Kinect developers to easily come up with more uses of the gaming motion controller, and find more creative ways to utilize the device has been reported to be arriving tomorrow. According to the folks […]


Samsung Kies for Mac Beta is now a reality
Take a look at what handset’s in your pocket – wait a minute, you’re reading this on your phone already, so why not improvise that by looking at the logo of the phone. Is it a Samsung smartphone? If you answered “Yes”, then chances are quite high that you would have found Samsung Kies to be a great resource – since it will enable you to synchronize your files, perform […]

Mozilla Firefox 5 enters beta stage on time
Folks looking forward to the next version of Firefox will be delighted to know that Firefox 5 looks like it’s right on track to launch on June 21st. The successor to Firefox 4 has recently made its way out of the Aurora channel and into the beta channel for further testing by the public. There aren’t going to be many significant changes from version 4 to version 5 but according to […]

Google Chrome OS 12 arrives at beta stage
Some updates in the Chrome OS code as well as forums before Google I/O happened recently pointed towards the imminent release of a new version, and with the recent unveiling of Chromebooks to the masses (although they aren’t ready yet to ship since the first orders will start heading out at around June 15th), it does seem that this time window is there as Chrome OS still required some polishing […]

Google Chrome web browser to get privacy boost and more
Google’s Chrome web browser will be getting some new enhancements to its rendering engine and security in the near future. According to the release notes for Google Chrome beta, the browser will have now support hardware-accelerated 3D CSS, which will increase the performance of the browser when surfing sites with 3D effects done using CSS.Safe Browsing has also been improved, and now protects users from downloading malicious files by using […]

Diablo III Beta to arrive by Q3 2011 if possible
Blizzard is a company that has come up with plenty of memorable titles in the past, what with their highly addictive Diablo series of CRPGs that brought the hack and slash genre to new heights, while the Starcraft series has spawned plenty of new Internet lexicons and pro-gaming stars in their own right. Well, after the fever of Starcraft II, it makes perfect sense for Diablo III to take centerstage […]

Facebook app for BlackBerry smartphones beta updated to version 2.0
RIM has finally released a new version of the Facebook app for their BlackBerry smartphones. Ever since entering the beta testing phase about six weeks ago, results have been promising and now new features have been added to give the beta a much needed refresh. One of the main features the update brings is support for BlackBerry Device Software v5.0.

Twitter for BlackBerry version 2 beta now available
Never mind about word in the industry concerning Twitter purchasing Tweetdeck, those of you who are rocking to a BlackBerry as your primary mode of communication might want to check out Twitter for BlackBerry version 2 Beta which is currently now available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone.RIM attempts to take a different approach this time around, as the Canadian company intends to deliver more frequent beta versions alongside features that […]

KinEmote lets your Kinect recognize hand shapes in real time
The people over at Lateral Flux – creators of the groundbreaking KinEmote software that allows Windows users to use the Kinect with popular Windows programs are back with an exciting update to KinEmote. They’ve now made the Kinect much more accurate, with the ability to detect the shape of the user’s hand.

Mozilla Firefox Aurora and Beta will support add-ons
Mozilla has announced some news that will make a lot of early adopters of their Firefox web browser happy people. They have announced that future versions of the browser available on the Aurora and Beta channels will be able to work with add-ons. Previously, users who wanted to test out the latest versions of Firefox had to forsake all their favorite add-ons when using a test version of the browser. […]

Microsoft Office 365 now public beta
Microsoft has just announced the public release of the Office 365 beta. Designed with large corporations and businesses in mind, Microsoft Office 365 isn’t aimed at replacing Google Docs for the average home user, but for companies that need to work on secure, full-fledged office software – to ensure their work can be accessed from no matter where they are, and that multiple people can work on it at the […]

webOS 3.0 given an in-depth preview
The folks over at pre-central have gotten their hands on the HP webOS 3.0 SDK and explored every possible aspect of the operating system’s beta emulator. They then posted up an extremely in-depth preview of the operating system up online: an 18-minute long videos along with a 5,800+ word write up now grace the pages of the website. From what we can see so far, webOS 3.0 is looking brilliant. […]

BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing beta launched
RIM has just launched a new app to make organizing and having teleconferences a one-click affair. Called BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing, the app is available as a free download from the BlackBerry Beta Zone. The app integrates to your BlackBerry Calendar so you can easily turn your existing calendar entries into conference calls, it can remind you of when your conference call is about to start and has a one click […]

New BlackBerry Radio update in the Beta Zone
Folks who enjoy using the latest BlackBerry software, even if they are beta versions will be happy to know that the BlackBerry radio has received a new update. The app is now at version, and brings new features such as new Nobex radio streams available for streaming, collapsible lists for genres, and various other bug fixes. If you’re wondering, the app is not available on the BlackBerry App World, […]

Fring group video call beta now available
If video calling just one person at once isn’t your idea of a video call, how does calling up to 3 other people sound to you? Awesome? Well, Fring agrees and they’ve decided to implement group video calling into their video conferencing software. The feature is still in development right now, but Fring has decided to open up the testing grounds to a limited number of users and are looking […]

Speech recognition in the latest Chrome beta
It looks like Google doesn’t want voice commands restricted to just mobile devices. It has been reported that the latest version of Google Chrome beta supports the HTML5 speech input API, which will allow developers to write apps in for Chrome in HTML5, that support full speech recognition. The transcription will happen on a speech server that the sound is sent to after it is recorded. The speed of recognition […]

RIM releases new version of Facebook beta for BlackBerry
RIM has just announced the release of a new Facebook beta app for BlackBerry phones. Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones v2.0 brings a whole bunch of new features to enhance usage of the world’s most popular social network. An overhauled user interface that provides a more integrated mobile Facebook experience, “Always On” Facebook Chat notifications, a redesigned navigation grid, new notifications bar, improved news feed scrolling, enhanced profiles, and an added […]