Articles about bicycle (page 3)

Faraday Porteur electric bicycle debuts on Kickstarter
Pedal Lock: additional security for your bicycle (concept)
Bicycle helicopter gets you going
FBike multicopter bicycle concept is surreal, flight test to commence in August
LumaHelm helmet lights up for cyclist's safety
BMW i Pedelec or Pedal Electric Cycle Concept
ElliptiGo is first elliptical bicycle in the world
BMC UC01 City Bike works like a fart
Bicycle-powered television used in a 17th century hotel
Adaptrac adjusts bicycle tire pressure on-the-fly
Bicycle crash test dummies simulate head and neck injuries
Wooden electric bicycle hybrid
Shimano electronic shifting system looks cool
AirHead helps prevent "helmet hair"
Strida folding bicycle folds up in under 10 seconds
Orbea's Grow bicycles caters to child's growth stages
3D Surround Music Box makes bike rides more fun
Joy Factory unveils StormCruiser iPhone bicycle mount
Prius X Parlee bicycle concept does a Professor X
Bicycle powered washing machine