If you have plans to travel over the weekend, a getaway to the Cottage Lodge in the village of Brockenhurst, Hampshire seems ideal. Why? That’s because, apart from the hotel’s award-winning service and features, it also has a bicycle-powered television. If you are up for that, you can book a reservation specifically in the “Standing Hat” room of the hotel where guests can get fit by watching their favorite programs on TV. Christina Simons, the owner of the hotel, said that in order to power the TV, guests will need to do a little bit of cycling to get some power in the battery, and then it will work whilst you pedal at a reasonable speed.

“The electricity is stored in a battery and then used to power the TV. This overcomes spikes of power as you speed up or slow down,” Christina said. Christina also mentioned that the breakthrough was moving from a bike with 20-inch wheels to one with 26-inch wheels that’s capable of spinning the generator faster. But if you’re tired of pedalling, the hotel has the option to use the electricity supply generated by photovoltaic cells on the roof. “I also wanted to show that being green can also be exciting and fun, and guests love cycling on the bike,” Christina added.

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