As part of its push into eco-friendly concepts, BMW is launching the BMW i Pedelec, an electric bicycle that is designed to provide an extra boost to the cyclist’s pedaling motion. Yes, you heard that right: while the i Pedelec does help, riders still have to pedal, so this may be relatively different concept from other existing electric bicycles out there.

This gets more interesting when you realize that the i Pedelec can also be folded “effortlessly” says BMW. This is typically a big deal for people who would actually use it as a daily transportation apparatus, possibly mixing it with train and/or bus rides. If you are curious, the weight is superior to 20kg (44lbs), so it’s not “light” for a bicycle.

As you can guess, if it was sold as a product, this would probably qualify as an electric bicycle for the wealthy hippie as it is equipped with disc brakes, an aluminum/carbon body and an expensive li-ion battery which is capable of assisting the rider for a distance of 25km to 40km.  For more information, just check the official page. What do you think?

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