Riding a bicycle might be green and all that, but it is also far more dangerous for you when you are involved in an accident – after all, there are no airbags or pieces of metal to help absorb the impact of an oncoming vehicle, but you will have to wrap yourself around your bicycle instead. To make sure no one rams into you by accident, do your part by being alert at all times without taking things for granted, while ensuring that you are visible at all times. Wearing a neon or brightly colored vest will help, and if you are an avid night/early morning cyclist, perhaps the LumaHelm might help?

The LumaHelm is the brainchild of Exertion Game Labs’ creative team that comprises of Wouter Walmink, Alan Chatham and Floyd Mueller, where it remains as a working prototype at this point in time. This interactive illuminated helmet will not only help keep your skull intact whenever there is an accident, it also helps maintain your visibility in low light conditions thanks to the lights embedded all over. Not only that, it doubles up as a communication device, too. An accelerometer is smart enough to tell if you are turning left or right thanks to a simple head tilt. Want to stop? Just tilt your head backwards, and it will light up accordingly.

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