Microsoft To Depict Social And Career Info Of People In Bing Results

It was just yesterday that we brought you word where Facebook has finished up the removal of an old search setting, “Who can look up your Timeline by name.” Well, this time around, we have news of search as well, except that it will be Microsoft playing the fiddle. From today onward, Microsoft’s Bing search engine will make it possible for folks to share more personal information about themselves with […]

Bing Offers Tested In Seattle

In April this year, Microsoft did reveal Bing Offers, which is a shopping coupon and sales service that enables users to be able to hunt down the best discounts possible from local as well as national retailers. How has that effort gone so far? Well, Microsoft did announce a new pilot program today which will hopefully offer consumers a faster and more efficient method of taking advantage of such special […]

Bing It On Numbers Disputed, Microsoft Responds

Back in 2012, Microsoft launched a Bing It On campaign which basically compared Google’s search to their own search, Bing. According to Microsoft’s claims at that time, users preferred Bing’s search to Google’s search by a ratio of 2:1. This was a surprising claim given that Google, at least on the surface, would be much preferred due to their tight integration with all their products, and their reputation of being […]

Steve Ballmer Believes Google Is A ‘Monopoly’

Microsoft has spent a lot of time and money on building Bing as a strong rival against Google, which is undoubtedly the most used online search engine in the world. Bing currently accounts for 17.9 percent of the entire U.S. search traffic, trailing Google, which rakes in almost 67 percent search traffic. During Microsoft’s financial analysts meeting, outgoing CEO Steve Ballmer said that “we’re the only guys in the world trying,” with […]


Microsoft Unveils New Bing Logo

Microsoft continues the good fight where search engines are concerned, and it does not seem as though they are going to be able to overtake the king of the hill at the moment (and has been that way for quite some time already), Google. Still, this does not mean that Microsoft is just going to sit back and not do anything. No sir, apart from introducing new changes that will […]

Bing News Gets A Makeover

Bing News has received a “modern” makeover. The new layout is built for touch, it puts trending topics from Twitter, Facebook and Bing in the spotlight. Since today’s news is propelled by “likes and tweets,” according to Bing, they’ve refreshed Bing News so that users can stay on top of stuff that they care about. The design is adaptive, meaning that Bing News will automatically adapt to fit the browser of […]

Bing Video Search Updated

Microsoft’s Bing department has just announced that they will be rolling out a completely re-imagined search experience for video on Bing. Specially designed from the ground up, the video search experience will boast of streamlined navigation that showcases larger and higher resolution previews in order for you to browse, discover and view videos on the web in a faster manner. With Bing, they hope that you are able to discover […]

Bing Image Search Quality Nudges Google’s

The Bing Search team has published a new blog post in which they present their latest results in Image Search quality. Typically, searching image is extremely different form searching text since the computers have much less data to go on, without going into potentially expensive image analysis. It is clear that a lot of people are searching for images of celebrities, friends or just looking people up. With that in […]

Bing For Schools Launched, Goes Ad Free

Microsoft has decided to make the jump to the realm of education with the official launch of Bing for Schools, which happens to be a new initiative that intends to increase the level of digital literacy among students through the intended input of technology – the Surface RT tablet in this case, making an appearance in classrooms. First previewed in June, Bing for Schools is ad-free, and would come with […]

Bing Homepage App Launched On Facebook, Photo Contest Kicks Off

Bing today announced the launch of its Homepage App on Facebook. Bing has partnered up with Discovery to launch a new contest for photographers of all levels. Called Bing’s Hometown Homepage Photo Contest, those interested can make their submissions to the Bing Homepage app on Facebook between today and September 3rd. Images that highlight and capture the beauty of one’s hometown are being sought. Bing will then announce the top ten […]

Bing Apps On Windows Phone Now Available

Microsoft’s Bing and Windows Phone will be working in tandem upon the announcement that the acclaimed Bing Apps for Windows 8, which will include News, Sports, Weather and Finance, will become available for Windows Phone 8 smartphones via a download. These new apps will be able to deliver a similarly comprehensive, customizable and visually immersive experience that will be powered by Bing in Windows 8, ensuring that the desktop solution […]

Bing Notification Platform Alerts Users Of Illegal Images

Bing prides itself in being the first of the major search engines to show off a popup warning to folks who happen to live in the UK, and this popup warning will happen only when one searches intentionally for sites that hold images of child abuse. Known as the Bing Notification Platform, it will provide a warning before following that up with details concerning a counselling service. This particular popup […]

Bing Unveiled As Microsoft’s Secret Weapon

Google has Google Now, while Apple has led the way with Siri some years back, where this does lead one to wonder – what does Microsoft have to say about the entire situation? Certain folk claim that TellMe, a service which is available on the Windows Phone platform as well as other Microsoft products might be an idea worth looking into, but it seems that TellMe is not as relevant […]

Bing Autosuggest Categories Revamped

When one wants to search for something on the Internet, it goes without saying that most folks would go to Google right away without thinking twice. It is sort of like you thinking about McDonalds when burgers are mentioned, or Coke if you want a refreshing fizzy drink. The thing is, the search landscape does comprise of other players, although it cannot be denied that Google has some sort of […]