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Sony Lens Cameras Could Be Called “Smart Shot”
Sony is tipped to announce yet another two new concept imaging devices when IFA 2013 kicks off in Berlin next week. The pair of new ‘lens-camera’ devices which will arrive has already been spotted in the past – and they are the DSC-QX10 and the DSC-QX100 (whose user manual has already leaked out), where they happen to toy with the idea of being mounted onto a smartphone, while containing a […]

Sony NEX-5T with WiFi, NFC and Fast Hybrid AF
At Ubergizmo, in addition to our two Canon EOS-50D we carry the NEX-5N – we bought all those devices –  to shoot videos during briefings and conferences, and we are overall very happy with the photo quality and the high quality microphone that can be attached to the body. So we were quite excited when we could briefly get our hands on the new Sony NEX-5T that has a similar […]

Sony Could Roll Out External Camera For Xperia Smartphones
We do know that Sony’s upcoming Honami smartphone will most likely feature a 20-megapixel shooter to go along with it, and Sony has certainly been doing their bit to ensure that their smartphones’ cameras get better and better with each iteration, but who would have thought that one day, the digital camera module on smartphones would be a whole lot more improved, so much so that Sony could very well […]

Thanko Camera Does Aerial Shots
Thanko lets you capture shots from above with a new aerial camera add-on.


Stock Camera App Of Galaxy S4 And HTC One Google Edition Smartphones Leaked
The stock camera app for the Google Edition HTC One and Galaxy S4 has leaked out.

RX100 MKII Manual Images Appeared
An alleged manual of the Sony RX100 MKII camera has leaked.

WNBA Jumps On The Referee Camera Bandwagon
The WNBA used the referee camera recently, giving viewers a first-hand look at the game.

Scientists Create Single Pixel Camera For 3D Images
Scientists from Glasgow have managed to come up with an unprecedented discovery, by successfully creating a single-pixel camera for 3D images. This unique discovery would comprise of a projector which displays patterned light on the face on a mannequin, where these patterns will then be used to produce a 2D image. A 3D image is subsequently formed by making use of a technique that is known as “shape from shade”. […]

Raspberry Pi Camera Boards Going Cheap
The Raspberry Pi is definitely a hobbyist’s wet dream come true, as it offers decent computing power without breaking the bank. In fact, someone recently came up with the novel ideal of introducing a water-cooled solution for a Raspberry Pi set up, and here we are with another module from the Pi Foundation that is sure to whet your appetite for whatever future Raspberry Pi specifications upgrade that might come […]

Bug’s Eye View Camera
When it comes to the eyes of a bug, bird and human, they all share one common feature, that is, the shape of being round. Just about any ocular organ that can be found in nature would feature a certain degree of curvature, leading one to ask, how come man-made cameras rely on flat lenses and inflexible silicon chips? After all, many inventions and leaps in the realm of science […]

Phone Camera Assists Medical Field Again
It is said that plenty of science and medicine fields do rely on microscope and flow cytometry use, where the former see action in numerous medical fields including identifying pathogens and examining tissue samples for aberrations among others. As for flow cytometry, it is used for cell sorting, counting and biomarker detection, and comes in handy to diagnose different disorders, where among them also include hematological malignancies. The thing is, […]

Samsung NX1100 SMART Camera Announced
Sometime at the beginning of March, we saw the manual of the Samsung NX1100 released, and fast forward slightly more than a month later, you no longer have to spend your time reading PDF manuals when you have the opportunity to hold the real thing in your hands. The Samsung NX1100 SMART camera has been announced, where it will come equipped with built-in Wi-Fi and AutoShare, and will also carry […]

Camera Settings Depend On Local Weather In Google Patent Application
Originally, GPS was used by the military, and ever since the technology has made its way to the masses for peaceful and civilian use, we have seen our fair share of GPS navigation systems. Of course, these dedicated GPS navigation systems were once considered to be a “must have” device, but the proliferation of more affordable and yet capable smartphones with integrated GPS capability, alongside powerful mobile mapping software, rendered […]

Digital Lo-Fi Fisheye Camera
No, Ph.D does not mean Permanent Head Damage, although there are some folks who think that this is the case, and more often than not, it would be those Ph.Ds who churn out inventions and discoveries that make life a whole lot better. In fact, a Ph.D student in Wales was the one behind what is deemed to be the world’s first ever Digital Lo-Fi Fisheye camera, and the entire […]