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Parrot Bebop Drone Dedicated to Video Shooting – Hands-On
Last Wednesday in San Fancisco, Parrot CEO Henri Seydoux showed us several demos of the company’s brand new Bebop Drone, which is basically a 180 degree view 14 MP camera equipped with four three-blade propellers. After the success of the A.R. Drone, which sold over 700,000 units worldwide, Parrot is eager to innovate in the civilian drone arena.Despite its 12 minutes battery life, the Bebop Drone is quite fun to […]

Hawkeye Crime Surveillance System Tested, Proves Effective
Remember the “eye in the sky” idea, where satellites are powerful enough to keep track of every single person on earth, with street cameras helping it keep track of our movement, coming in and going out? Well, it seems that such an idea is about to be realized soon, where such a surveillance system has already been flying above America’s cities, being able to look out for crime round the […]

Motorcycle Is Actually A Camera
In this day and age, it is pretty easy to identify a security camera, as most of these come in either one of two form factors – a dome-shaped device, or one that looks like a cylinder. Well, a Japanese security company known as Japan Security System Co, Ltd. intends to make a splash by introducing a new design for their security camera which will target hotel lobbies as well […]

Sony A3500 Camera Launched
Sony’s Australian site had just listed the launch of the Sony A3500 mirrorless camera, but it would be extremely prudent if one were to approach this particular bit of news with caution. On paper, the Sony A3500 mirrorless camera might seem to be a new addition to the digital camera family, but in reality, it seems to be a minor revamp of the Sony A3000 which was introduced to the […]


Tiny Camera Captures Aorta Selfies
The ‘selfie’ has proven that it has enough relevance and pulling power to join the rest of the English vocabulary on a permanent residence basis, and so, without much further ado, we bring you word of a small camera that is capable of traveling through your body, capturing images at important places such as your aorta. This is made possible thanks to scientist F. Levent Degertekin who has developed such […]

Corephotonics Offers Dual Lens Smartphone Camera Possibility
The world of digital photography in smartphones have progressed a whole lot, and here is a possible improvement in the realm of digital cameras in smartphones. Corephotonics could very well open up the door to a dual lens smartphone camera in the future, where they have already begun to pitch a dual-lens concept to smartphone manufacturers. Corephotonics will make use of a couple of lenses that have two different focal […]

Sony SPA-TA1 Tablet Attachment To Launch In Japan Soon
Earlier today, we did check out how the QX10 and the QX100 camera lenses from Sony could very well make its way to tablets – and here we are with additional information on this particular attachment. The device in question would be known as the Sony SPA-TA1 tablet attachment, where it will make its way over in the Land of the Rising Sun first before it probably would be released […]

Astronomers Reveal New Camera Which Can Photograph Distant Solar Systems
Bruce Macintosh, when he was a first-year student at the University of Toronto, has the idea that eventually, we humans will be able to point a telescope at a distant star, capture a snapshot of a world that is unfamiliar from that of hours, with it being way too far off that even with the existence of warp drives or hyperspace, that far away world would have been impossible to […]

FLIR FX Portable Wi-Fi Camera
FLIR FX happens to be the very first attempt by the folks over at FLIR to deliver a portable Wi-Fi camera to the masses, where along the way, it had also picked up the gong as the Winner of the 2014 CES Innovations Design & Engineering Awards. Sporting a flexible design, the FLIR FX camera comes across as an easy-to-use, portable HD video monitoring solution which will be able to […]

Samsung Galaxy Camera 2
[CES 2014] Two years ago, we predicted that Android will be everywhere, specifically in cameras. Since 2012, a handful of manufacturers launched Android cameras with Samsung leading the way. Today, the Galaxy Camera 2, Samsung’s third Android camera, launched.The Galaxy Camera first generation was introduced at IFA in 2012 (check the review here), and later that year in June, the manufacturer announced the Galaxy NX camera during an event we […]

Nokia Camera Beta App Arrives On All Lumia Models
Nokia has more or less successfully positioned their smartphones to be devices that offer a fantastic camera experience along the way, and the PureView technology which is part of the mix happens to play a large role in perpetuating that viewpoint, too. After all, who can resist the large words “41 megapixels” emblazoned in advertisements for the Nokia Lumia 1020? It is more or less bound to attract plenty of […]

PanoPal Is An iPhone, Android Accessory That Helps Take Panoramic Shots
Taking a panoramic shot of your current location is something many of us enjoy doing, especially if we’re in a place that is absolutely gorgeous and should be captured in an image. The problem is, if something randomly pops into your photo or if you don’t have the steadiest of hands, it could ruin your panoramic shot, and worse, the entire majestic moment of capturing your beautiful surroundings. That’s why […]

Sony Cyber-shot DSC QX100 and DSC-QX10 “Lens Style cameras”
We all know that a large part of photos and videos are shot from smartphones, and the point-and-shoot camera market share is shrinking. According to a NPD Group study published in December 2011, consumers now take more than a quarter of all photos and videos on smartphones.Inventing the next-generation camera that will be competitive in the smartphone market has become a necessity for manufacturers. Sony has often been at the […]

Sony QX10 And QX100 Pricing And Details Allegedly Leaked
At the end of last month, we brought to your attention of a rumor surrounding the yet unreleased Sony QX100 “lens camera” which is said to retail for $450 thereabouts when it is finally released. Well, here we are down slightly more than a week after that rumor hit the grapevine, and there are more details concerning the pricing of not only the Sony QX100, but also the Sony QX10. […]