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Canon EOS M6 Could Be Announced Soon
Last year Canon launched the EOS M5, the company’s latest mirrorless efforts. While Canon isn’t exactly new to the mirrorless scene, the EOS M5 represented a new direction for the company in which they seemed to be taking their mirrorless cameras more seriously. The good news is that if you wanted to see what else Canon is up to, you might not have to wait long.

Canon PowerShot G9 X Mark II Could Be Announced Next Month
Canon’s PowerShot series of cameras have typically been pretty well-received by both amateurs and professionals looking for a secondary compact camera. Last year we were treated to the PowerShot G9 X and according to the latest rumors, its successor is apparently due for an announcement next month.

Canon Patents Viewfinder That Can Switch From Optical To Electronic
One of the joys of using an electronic viewfinder (EVF) is that what you see is basically what you get. Adjustments you make to ISO and exposure are more or less reflected instantly in the EVF, so there are pretty much almost no surprises once the shutter has been released and the image has been captured.

Canon Full Frame Mirrorless Still In The Works [Rumor]
Earlier this year there were rumors that Canon was working on a full frame mirrorless camera. The camera was rumored for a launch at Photokina, but obviously that did not happen. Instead we got the Canon EOS M5 which honestly based on the specs and features and design, is a marked improvement over Canon’s previous mirrorless efforts.


Canon’s EOS M5 Is The Company’s Latest Mirrorless Camera
About a week ago, leaked photos and specs revealed Canon’s next-gen mirrorless camera, the EOS M5. What got us particularly excited about the EOS M5 is that it seems to be quite a departure in terms of design compared to Canon’s previous EOS M cameras, and it looks like it is now official.

Canon EOS M5 Mirrorless Camera Photos & Specs Leaked
We’re not sure why but despite their decades of experience in the camera business, neither Nikon nor Canon have managed to release a mirrorless camera that could be considered a commercial success. In fact it would seem that Canon and Nikon have been ceding that market share to the likes of Sony, Fujifilm, and Olympus, just to name a few.

New Canon EOS M Camera Could Be Launched By End Of 2016
The last time we saw Canon release a mirrorless camera was back in 2015 with the Canon EOS M3. So now that we’re in 2016, does that mean we can expect a new mirrorless from Canon? According to the folks at Canon Rumors, the answer is yes, and that we will most likely be seeing it by the end of the year.

Canon EOS 5D mark IV Photos & Specs Leaked
Canon’s EOS 5D lineup has always been preferred by photographers who require slightly more professional gear. There have been rumors that Canon has been working on a new EOS 5D model called the EOS 5D Mark IV, and now thanks to the folks at Japanese website Digicame-info, photos and specs have been leaked.

Apple Adds RAW Support To OS X For 15 DSLR Cameras
For professional photographers, shooting in RAW during an assignment is almost always the standard operating procedure. For those who aren’t professionals, the reason for shooting in RAW is that it doesn’t get processed by the camera’s image processing engine, meaning that the image captured isn’t compressed or filtered.

Canon PowerShot SX620 HS Superzoom Compact Announced
Compact cameras are great for when on holiday since they can easily slip into your pocket. This is versus larger mirrorless or DSLR cameras in which you might require a separate bag to keep the camera, its lenses, and other accessories. Now if you’re after a compact camera, Canon has recently taken the wraps off the PowerShot SX620 HS compact.

Canon’s Latest Macro Lens Comes With A Built-In Ring Light
Are you looking for a macro lens that won’t break the bank? If you are, you might be interested to learn that Canon has recently unveiled their latest macro lens in the form of the EF-M 28mm f/3.5 Macro IS STM. This is a lens that is priced at $300 which is relatively affordable, but given some of its features we reckon it might even be a value for money […]

Canon Launches Super 35mm Multi-Purpose Camera
If you’re in the market for a new camera, you might be interested to learn that Canon has recently announced a new Super 35mm Multi-Purpose Camera in the form of the ME200S-SH. As you can see in the video above, this camera is obviously not your average camera as it has clearly been designed with professionals in mind.

24MP Full-Frame Canon Mirrorless Camera Rumored For Photokina
A report from last month suggested that we could be looking forward to new mirrorless cameras from Canon this year. In fact one of the rumors suggested that Canon could be following in Sony’s footsteps by releasing a full-frame mirrorless camera, and now thanks to Canon Rumors, additional details about Canon’s plans have been revealed.

Three Mirrorless Cameras From Canon Rumored For 2016
When it comes to mirrorless cameras, it would seem that companies such as Sony, Olympus, and Fujifilm appear to be dominating. More “traditional” camera companies like Nikon and Canon have released mirrorless cameras in the past, but to date their efforts haven’t exactly been as successful compared to the likes of Sony.