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Canon EOS 6D MK II Officially Announced
About a week ago, there were rumors that Canon had a new camera in the works in the form of the EOS 6D MK II. Photos and specs of the camera were leaked, and for those who are wondering about the camera, wonder no more as Canon has since officially taken the wraps off their latest DSLR.

Alleged Canon EOS 6D MK II Photos Leaked
The Canon EOS 6D MK II is a camera that we’ve been hearing a bit about in recent times, and for those wondering about the specs and how the camera might look like, you’re in luck because a post on Nokishita Camera (via Photo Rumors), photos and detailed specs about the upcoming camera have been revealed.

More Alleged Canon EOS 6D MK II Details Revealed
Word on the street is that Canon has a new DSLR in the works in the form of the Canon EOS 6D MK II. We’ve heard some rumors about the camera, but the folks at Canon Rumors have since published a blog post in which additional details have been revealed, such as its specs and also potential pricing.

Canon EOS M20 Could Be Announced July 20
Canon has been making quite a bit of effort in their mirrorless camera department as we have seen the company launch quite a few different models over the years, with each model improving over the previous one. That being said, the company could be getting ready to launch a successor to the EOS M10 which was launched back in 2015.


Full-Frame Canon EOS 6D MK II Rumored To Sport Articulating LCD
If you wished that Canon would introduce articulating LCD screens to its full-frame cameras, your wish could soon be granted. In a report from Canon Rumors, they have heard from sources that the upcoming Canon EOS 6D MK II could indeed be packing an articulating LCD called the Vari-Angle LCD.

Canon Full-Frame Mirrorless Could Be Unveiled In 2018
While Sony might be slightly late to the camera game compared to the likes of Canon and Nikon, the company has quickly made up for time lost by pushing out cameras that are ahead of the competition. For example Sony launched full-frame compact cameras and even a full-frame mirrorless camera, prompting some professionals to make the switch.

Canon PowerShot SX730 HS Digital Camera Launched
If you’re looking for a new camera but don’t really want to invest in a mirrorless or DSLR system and its lenses, we guess the next best thing you could go for would be a compact camera. There are some who argue that our phones can do a much better job than some compacts these days, and while that might be true, there are some who might still prefer a […]

Canon Reveals They’re Working On New Lens Technology
When it comes to camera lenses, for the most part things haven’t really changed very dramatically over the years. Sure there have been a ton of improvements and changes, but for the most part they’re still the same. However Canon could be looking to shake things up as they revealed that they are working on new lens technology.

Canon Sees Potential For A Professional-Grade EOS M Camera
Recently Canon launched their latest mirrorless camera in the form of the EOS M6. So far Canon’s mirrorless efforts have been largely focused on consumers, so the question is could Canon some day launch a mirrorless EOS M camera system that could be aimed at the professional market?

Canon EOS M6 Mirrorless Camera Announced
Earlier this month we heard rumors that Canon has a new mirrorless camera in the works in the form of the EOS M6. Turns out the rumors were right as Canon has officially announced the Canon EOS M6, a mirrorless camera that appears to be the successor to last year’s Canon EOS M5.

Canon EOS M6 Could Be Announced Soon
Last year Canon launched the EOS M5, the company’s latest mirrorless efforts. While Canon isn’t exactly new to the mirrorless scene, the EOS M5 represented a new direction for the company in which they seemed to be taking their mirrorless cameras more seriously. The good news is that if you wanted to see what else Canon is up to, you might not have to wait long.

Canon PowerShot G9 X Mark II Could Be Announced Next Month
Canon’s PowerShot series of cameras have typically been pretty well-received by both amateurs and professionals looking for a secondary compact camera. Last year we were treated to the PowerShot G9 X and according to the latest rumors, its successor is apparently due for an announcement next month.

Canon Patents Viewfinder That Can Switch From Optical To Electronic
One of the joys of using an electronic viewfinder (EVF) is that what you see is basically what you get. Adjustments you make to ISO and exposure are more or less reflected instantly in the EVF, so there are pretty much almost no surprises once the shutter has been released and the image has been captured.

Canon Full Frame Mirrorless Still In The Works [Rumor]
Earlier this year there were rumors that Canon was working on a full frame mirrorless camera. The camera was rumored for a launch at Photokina, but obviously that did not happen. Instead we got the Canon EOS M5 which honestly based on the specs and features and design, is a marked improvement over Canon’s previous mirrorless efforts.