iPhone 4S vs iPhone 4
Planning on upgrading your iPhone 4 to the iPhone 4S next week? Well, if you’re thinking on keeping your current iPhone 4 case for the new phone, you’re not going to be able to – if you’re using the AT&T (GSM) iPhone 4. According to the folks over at Android-Sale, who managed to get their hands on an iPhone 4S unit and did a side by side comparison with the original iPhone 4, and there are subtle changes in the location of the phone’s buttons.

From the image comparison, we can see that the buttons on the right side of the phone have slightly moved, with the “hold” button much more obvious than the volume keys. Just like when the iPhone 4 was first released for Verizon, the very same issue was present as well. I guess this solves the problems of case manufacturers not having anything new to sell for the iPhone 4S.

However, if you’re using the Verizon iPhone 4 – you’ll be able to keep your favorite case for the iPhone 4S. The layout of the buttons remain the same, so you’ll have no problems there. But in the event you do pick up a new case for the iPhone 4S, it wouldn’t hurt to just try it out before putting down any money on the counter. After all, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Update (4:55PM): made some changes to the article: the iPhone 4S will work fine with Verizon iPhone 4 cases – but not with AT&T iPhone 4 cases. Thanks Raymond!

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