iPad 2S caseAround this time last year, when iPad 2 rumors were in full-swing, leaked cases were all the rage when it came to figuring out what the next generation iPad would look like. Well, it looks like the trend has gone full circle again, with cases allegedly designed for the next iPad starting to surface. Chinese manufacturer, “Chinee”, has started selling cases for a device called the “iPad 2S”. Apparently we’ll be seeing a minor refresh of the iPad 2 instead of a complete redesign that everyone is hoping for.


The iPad 2S is said to look identical to the iPad 2, except that it will feature a form factor that is 1mm thicker. Judging by how all the “iPhone 5” cases turned out, I wouldn’t jump to any conclusions this quickly. The possibility of a total overhaul is still in the cards. Expect a lot more different cases to pop up in the coming months, at least until Apple gives the official announcement.

What do you think the next iPad will be like? An internal upgrade like the 4S was with the 4 or a brand new design? Or will Apple be introducing an iPad 2S and an iPad 3?

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