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2016 Chevrolet Volt Launched
The world of hybrid cars has received yet another refresh – this time around it comes in the form of General Motors’ 2016 Chevy Volt, where this ride will boast of a range of 53 miles per charge with a starting price of $33,170. Definitely far from the cheapest ride in town, but at the very least, you will know that it is a whole lot cleaner than that gas […]

Select 2016 Chevrolet Models Will Receive Android Auto
Earlier this year Chevrolet announced that they will be bringing Android Auto to several of its models. For those who wanted more details on the new platform, Chevrolet has since posted a press release detailing how the update will be issued to its customers, and for starters it will require owners to own a car with an 8-inch MyLink system.According to the company, this update will be available come March […]

Chevrolet Has Made A Tiny AC Just For Your Smartphone
Gone are the days when air conditioning was just meant for humans, Chevrolet is changing the notion with its latest add-on, which is a small AC for your “smartphone”. This new feature is named as “Active Phone Cooling system”, which is aimed at cooling down the heated smartphone battery.

Chevrolet Announces Theft Alarm Notification
Chevrolet has just made an announcement concerning the Theft Alarm Notification feature, where this will be an enhancement to the current Stolen Vehicle Assistance service. In other words, OnStar subscribers are able to pick up a real-time alert whenever the vehicle’s alarm sounds, and only eligible subscribers will be able to gain access to this feature as this summer progresses.


GM To Bring CarPlay & Android Auto To 14 Chevy Models
A couple of days ago we reported that Hyundai would be the first carmaker out the door with Android Auto installed in its 2015 Hyundai Sonata model. Well it looks like GM doesn’t want the competition to get too ahead of them as they have recently announced that 14 of its 19 Chevrolet models will be getting CarPlay and Android Auto options later this year.This will see both systems offered […]

Chevrolet’s Teen Driver Mode Helps Parents To Keep Tabs On Their Children
When it comes to teenagers and mistakes while driving, both of them happen to go hand in hand – like two peas in a pod. After all, it is to be expected – nobody actually masters a particular skill just like that without having to go through some sort of mistakes, it is but the natural order of things. Well, Chevrolet has come up with a brand new nanny mode […]

Cheaper Chevrolet Volt Could Arrive Soon
Electric vehicles have not really gone mainstream just yet, although you can say that it has certainly picked up steam in the past few years, as more and more people look at electric cars in a different light. The Chevrolet Volt could prove to be a “mainstream” electric vehicle, so to speak, but demand has not been as strong as what its executives anticipated ever since the Volt entered production […]

2014 Chevrolet Impala Gets Valet Mode
You know, going for valet parking isn’t all that cracked up to be, as you might experience that sense of trepidation whenever you hand your car keys over to a valet. If you want to have added peace of mind, perhaps driving the 2014 Chevrolet Impala might help, as this redesigned flagship sedan will come with a “valet mode” which might allow someone else other than you to take over […]

Chevrolet Introduces “Smart Material” In The 2014 Corvette
Chevrolet has made great efforts to use new technology in its cars. And in a bid to reduce weight in the Corvette, the company has announced it will be using a lightweight shape memory alloy wire to replace motorized components used to open and close a hatch release vent. So what exactly does this lightweight shape memory alloy wire do? Basically it’s a wire made from copper-aluminum-nickel or nickel-titanium.  The […]

Chevrolet Volt Battery Pack To Power Homes?
ABB and GM has decided that the battery found in the Chevrolet Volt could be reused with practical purposes later – for instance, five Chevrolet Volt battery packs when merged with an ABB inverter and test software was capable of delivering up to two hours of back-up power for three to five average American homes sometime down the road. The on-site demonstration saw the energy storage system run in a […]

GM to patch Chevrolet Volts with firmware update
It looks like cars are not exempt from this thing known as firmware updates now, as General Motors (GM) has announced that their 2013 Chevrolet Volt (approximately 4,000 of these Volt plug-in hybrids were affected) would be on the receiving end of a firmware upgrade, and this exercise can be done after you send your ride back to your dealer. According to Michelle Malcho, a spokeswoman for General Motors, who […]

Chevrolet SS is first rear wheel drive performance sedan in a long time
General Motors (GM) has just announced that they will put up for sale their first rear wheel drive performance sedan in the US in 17 years, calling it the Chevrolet SS. The Chevrolet SS will come with a V8 engine, but your patience will be required since it is built as a 2014 model, meaning a late 2013 debut should be happening. This production car will also play the role […]

Chevy Sonic does graffiti
The most recent effort to promote the new Chevy Sonic has seen the car brand work together with famed street artist Jeff Soto, where he will drive up to a brick wall in downtown Oakland, California, in a Chevy Sonic (what else?). Now, this particular Chevy Sonic is no ordinary showroom model simply because it has received a very special modification, where it has the ability to create a mural […]

GM bids farewell to Chevrolet Avalanche pickup truck
The pickup truck is definitely an American icon, but since all good things always come to an end, General Motors (GM) has just announced that they will soon do away with the Chevrolet Avalanche pickup truck. Since introducing the short-bed, five-seat trucks slightly more than 10 years ago and selling 580,000 of them, this hybrid of an SUV and pickup truck did not really do as well as GM predicted, […]