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Sony PSP Clone Runs Android 4.0, Costs Only $66
A number of Sony PSP clones have surfaced in the past. However, the new JXD S602 is in a different league because it runs Android 4.0. It comes with a 4.3-inch, 480 x 272 display and costs a mere $66. JXD S602 is available at Willgoo and packs a 1 GHz ARM Cortex-A8 chip together with 512 MB of RAM and 4GB storage. Storage space can be extended via a microSD […]

Goophone I5 is the Android-powered iPhone 5 knockoff
The (digital world) pirates certainly know what tickles our fancy, with the iPhone 5 yet to be released or even announced (that will have to wait until this September), but surprise, surprise, they have already come up with a knockoff that is Android-powered, now how about that? I am quite sure if the Apple legal eagles are through with the manufacturer of this handset, they won’t be able to get […]

Droid X360 User Review (PS Vita Clone)
 You may remember the Droid X360, a mobile gaming console that is a PS Vita clone that runs on Android. We had published about it, and shown a video demo. Well, one of our readers (Kirk S.) got his hands on one and has decided to review it in the video below.  The review is full of interesting details that you definitely want if you are even remotely considering buying […]

Goophone X1 is a HTC One S clone
The HTC One S can be said to be one of the better looking smartphones out there, although there has been issues with the micro arc oxidization process in the past which HTC already said they have fixed. Well, here we are with what looks like a clone of the HTC One S – the Goophone X1. In fact, we received an email from it, who claimed that it is […]


Sheep and Worm Spliced for a Healthier Lamb
Chinese scientific researchers from the Beijing Genomics Institute have created the first sheep-worm hybrid which resulted in a young lamb they have named Peng Peng. Beyond what might seem like the feeling one might get from playing God, the rationale behind the scientists’ decision to make the lamb is actually for our benefit. As many will probably agree, unless you’re a vegetarian, lamb is truly one of the tastiest meats […]

iPhone 6 clone, the iPnoho 6 revealed
Everyone knows that the iPhone 4S is the latest official smartphone from Apple, but that does not mean other companies will not make a cheap attempt to ride on the iPhone’s popularity. I can imagine that a country like China, having released so many knockoffs of different products in the past, might just see some folks duped into receiving an iPhone 6 clone known as the iPnoho 6 in their […]

Taihe era's 7" tablet is a pretty convincing Galaxy Tab clone
China has produced some pretty innovative phones of their own, such as the Meizu and Xiaomi, but they have also managed to pull off some pretty impressive clones, and upon first glance you could be forgiven for thinking that the tablet pictured above is the Samsung Galaxy Tab Android tablet.

PS Vita cloned already
While we know that just about any and every electronics device are being manufactured in China these days for the obvious reasons of the place being super cheap in comparison with the other parts of the world, the very same country is also notorious for rolling out cloned devices – case in point, the PS Vita which has yet to be released in many parts of the world, has already […]

Radiologist replicates antique Stradivarius violin
The sound from just about any Stradivarius violin is said to belong to the heavenly realm, and when you couple it with the hand of an accomplished violinist, you can safely say that you have witnessed heaven here on earth – at least in terms of music. Dr. Sirr, a radiologist, claims to have ‘replicated’ the antique Stradivarius violin with three different copies, something that is made possible using an […]

HTC gets the clone treatment with HTE
Want to clone a device? Look no further than the masters residing over at China, where the latest device to be cloned would be HTC’s smartphone, and the “fake” smartphone is known as the HTE. Yes sir, this particular knock off is touted to deliver HTC’s very own Sense UI, not to mention being compatible with Sprint’s 4G technology – at least that is what the branding at the back […]

iPhone 4 clone is a tablet and not a phone
When we talk about clones, one would expect it to follow the original’s function – for example, a clone of an iPhone would still be a phone, and not anything else. I guess things do not matter that much anymore these days, where this particular iPhone 4 clone that you see above seems to be rather big. No, you did not happen to walk in the path of a shrinking […]

MacBook Air clone looks pretty convincing
The photo you’re looking at above could be passed off as the MacBook Air on first glance, well, actually on many glances but in reality it’s actually a MacBook Air clone by a company in China called Shenzhen Technology, who apparently insists that the device is real and not a photoshopped image, and is being tested by foreign companies as an OEM unit.

iPad 2 knock-off packs more RAM and runs Android
While Shenzen products are usually poor copies of the original, once in awhile they’re pretty decent like this iPad 2 clone from a tablet maker named Grefu. Looking like an iPad 2 on the surface, it’s far from Apple’s prized creation main on the inside. The tablet packs a 1.2GHz Cortex A8 processor, 1GB of RAM, 4GB of internal storage, an SD card reader, optional 3G, rear 3-megapixel camera, front […]

Scientists might end up cloning humans next
Dolly the sheep was the first successful clone that made it to the news quite a while back, but that doesn’t mean fascination with the cloning process has ended. No sir, in the background, work is still being done, perhaps with the vision of coming up with a Jango Fett human blueprint that might result in an army of clones? I don’t think that day will come so soon though, […]