comfy-contactsFor those of you who have this dislike for a pair of spectacles in order to correct your vision, you might want to fall back on some laser eye surgery, or for something that does not require you to be sedated, how about a pair of contact lenses instead? The thing is, contact lenses are not everyone’s cup of tea, with an uncomfortable feeling ranking pretty high up on the list to book. Jang-Ung Park, a chemical engineer at Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, is currently working with Samsung to deliver a soft contact lens which is capable of so much more than just correcting your vision.


Basically, this technology will feature silver nanowires that have been placed between graphene layers, leaving you with a transparent conductor that is also flexible enough to be placed on an ordinary contact lens. So far, initial testing have proved to be successful, although it was performed on furry little rabbits. Perhaps we are looking at future contact lenses being less than what Google Glass can deliver, but does much more than your average pair.

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