Contact lenses these days have evolved from being a corrective vision tool to one that gives you larger-than-normal eyes for manga lovers, as well as helping you obtain a new set of colors to play with the rest of your wardrobe. Scientists are coming up with a new kind of contact lenses – those that not only help you see better, but will also enhance normal vision with megapixel 3D panoramic images – thanks to the backing of military funding. Imagine future versions being implanted within your eye itself – hopefully it is structurally strong enough to withstand those moments when you absolutely need to rub your eyes due to an irritant flying in.


Imagine a transparent, high-performance contact lens that can deliver full-color megapixel displays right there and then, where such “displays” in front of you are equal to the performance of a 240″ TV that is viewed from 10 feet away. Mom always warned us not to sit too close to the telly, but this certainly throws such advice back at her. Not only that, projecting slightly different pictures to each eye will enable the “display” to generate a 3D illusion in Full HD quality.

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