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$530M NEM Stolen Following Japanese Cryptocurrency Exchange Hack
Just like real-life cash, cryptocurrency can be stolen as well. In fact last year $30 million worth of cryptocurrency had been stolen, which is a lot of money, but we reckon it pales in comparison to the latest theft. Japanese cryptocurrency exchange CoinCheck has confirmed that $530 million worth of cryptocurrency had been stolen from the platform.

NVIDIA Encourages Retailers To Sell GPUs To Gamers, Not Miners
As you might know, mining for cryptocurrency requires the miner to own a rig with a fair amount of processing power, which is why in recent times we are seeing inflated prices of GPUs on the secondhand market, where sellers know that miners will need the hardware in order to mine for cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Loses 50 Percent Of Its Value
It seemed like Bitcoin was all that everyone could talk about last year. Its price hovered around $800 at the start of the year and then saw a meteoric rise to almost $20,000 in December. The price corrected somewhat since then that Bitcoin began trading in the $14,000 – $17,000 range. However, there has been a massive rout in the entire cryptocurrency world this past week which has led to […]

Japan Has A J-Pop Band That Sings About Cryptocurrency
Things like bitcoin, cryptocurrency (in which bitcoin is one of them), and blockchain are technological terms that seem to be a pretty hot topic these days, leading to some surprising announcements in which companies like Kodak are even getting in on. However it seems that the trend has expanded beyond technology and into the music scene.


Ethereum Price Breaks $1,000 For The First Time
Cryptocurrency values have been surging in the past few months over renewed interest. Speculators are also diving into digital currencies and that’s helping push prices even higher. As a result of this surge, Ethereum price has now crossed $1,000 for the first time ever. The all-time high price was witnessed on multiple major exchanges. It crossed $1,000 after the cryptocurrency rallied over the past few days.

Russia May Develop Cryptocurrency To Dodge Sanctions
Russia’s strained relations with the West have led to sanctions against the country and if a new report is to be believed, the country is trying to dodge those sanctions by developing its own cryptocurrency. The report claims that this cryptocurrency is intended to help Russia evade international financial sanctions.

Israel Reportedly Launching Its Own Cryptocurrency
Cryptocurrency is all the rage these days and it’s now increasingly becoming a part of the global financial system. If a new report is to be believed, Israel is actually thinking about launching its own cryptocurrency. According to the report, the Bank of Israel is mulling the idea in order to create a faster payments system and reduce the amount of cash in the economy.

Opera's Next Update Brings Anti-Bitcoin Mining Feature
There are countless websites live today that hijack a visitor’s CPU to mine for virtual currencies like Bitcoin. They do that without the visitor’s consent or knowledge in order to make money for themselves. It’s unethical and a breach of trust but sadly it’s something that doesn’t show any signs of slowing down, particularly with digital currency values soaring in recent months. Opera has now developed a feature that will […]

Starbucks’ WiFi Hijacked Laptops To Mine Cryptocurrency
Public WiFi is great if you’re in a foreign country and have no access to the internet, or if you’re out and don’t want to tether your phone to your laptop. Unfortunately public WiFi does carry certain risks, such as being hacked or having your data intercepted, or in the case of Stensul CEO Noah Dinkin, having your laptop hijacked and used to mine cryptocurrency.

People Are Taking Out Mortgages To Buy Bitcoin
We can be pretty sure that many of you guys out there are probably regretting that you did not cash in on Bitcoin when it was still relatively cheap. Back then not much was known about the cryptocurrency, and you couldn’t really be blamed if you thought that it was a bubble just waiting to be burst.