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Footage Of EXACTO Shows Off Homing Smart Bullets
US Military Wants To Create Blockades That Can Be Deployed Instantly
DARPA Brain Chips Can Implant Or Remove Memories
DARPA Z-Man Program Turns You Into A Human Gecko
DARPA Taps IBM To Develop Self Destructing Chips
Atlas Robot Breaks Ankle Upon Debut
DARPA Wants Cheap Mind Reading Headset Developed
DARPA Hydra Project Is An Unmanned Vehicle Network
DARPA Warrior Web Suit Project
Lockheed Martin Building Drone Capable Of Transporting Cars
Pentagon Is Developing A Terminator Type Robot Called ATLAS
RoboSimian Robot Might Help You Out Of Tight Spots
DARPA Prosthetic Limb Is Muscle-Controlled
RoboBee The Flying Robot Insect
3-Finger Robot Hand Picks Up 50-Pound Weight Like A Boss
US Targets Small Ships As Drone Bases
DARPA Wants Self-Destructing Electronics
DARPA Equips Jets With Lasers, Are Sharks Next?
DARPA's SeeMe Satellites Displays Bird's-Eye Views Of the Battlefield
DARPA To Deploy Deep Sea Remote-Controlled Payloads