DARPA Tests Out Planes Mounted With Laser Turret

DARPA certainly has a venerable number of devices and machines up their sleeves to ensure that their military will have an edge over the enemy on the battlefield. One of their more recent forays? To attach a prototype laser turret onto a test aircraft. Does this mean we could be looking at some sort of Star Wars future? I have always figured out that lasers should more or less be […]

Ground X-Vehicle Could Avoid Incoming Missiles

I am quite sure that we have seen many science fiction movies where the odds are stacked against the protagonist who is the only hope of saving the entire world from extinction against an invading alien race. Somehow, as everyone else around the hero dies and falls to the enemy sword, bullet or laser (depending on which era the story takes place in), the hero manages to zig-zag through the […]

Soft Exosuit Gains $3 Million Funding From DARPA

Wyss Institute has managed to snag a cool $3 million funding from the folks over at DARPA in order to develop their unique Soft Exosuit even further. Just what is the Soft Exosuit all about? Well, this is basically a biologically inspired smart suit which can be worn right under clothing, and it could play a huge role in helping soldiers on the ground to march a whole lot farther, […]

Implants That Helps With Self-Healing Factor

The X-Men is a hugely successful comic book franchise, and one of the beloved characters would be Wolverine. Sporting a nigh indestructible adamantium skeleton and a healing factor that is the envy of many, will we humans ever be able to obtain such a healing factor somewhere down the line? Perhaps, as DARPA has just received close to $80 million of funding in order to research the possibility of enhancing […]


Footage Of EXACTO Shows Off Homing Smart Bullets

There are some people out there in the world today who have incredible aim and accuracy when firing a gun, arrow, throwing a ball into a basket, shooting darts, and so on. Alternatively there are those who are horrible shots, but thanks to technology, even the worst sniper in the world will be able to land their target blindfolded.This is thanks to DARPA who has been developing a smart bullet […]

US Military Wants To Create Blockades That Can Be Deployed Instantly

When under fire from guns, taking cover behind a wall or a shield is probably a great way to protect yourself. Unfortunately there are times when a wall or cover is unavailable due to your environment, so what do you do then? Well it seems that the US Military is looking to do something about it to address such situations.Their plan? To be able to erect an instant cover in […]

DARPA Brain Chips Can Implant Or Remove Memories

Just when you thought that intelligence agencies have got all of that brainwashing and mind control techniques down pat, along comes the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and their effort in developing new brain chips which will supposedly be able to implant or remove specific memories from a subject. This is certainly a chilling development, and most probably something that most of us would think should remain in the […]

DARPA Z-Man Program Turns You Into A Human Gecko

Have you watched the latest installment of Spiderman on the silver screen? Well, there really isn’t anything not to like about this Spiderman, and I am quite sure that some of us have thought of gaining some sort of superpowers from time to time. Climbing up buildings with ease is definitely worth anyone’s time, and DARPA’s Z-Man program does its fair share into transforming an ordinary human being into a […]

DARPA Taps IBM To Develop Self Destructing Chips

This might seem like something out of Mission Impossible, but DARPA seems to be committed to bringing this concept into life. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has awarded a $3.5 million contract to IBM, just so that it can develop self destructing chips. The idea is that these chips will be able to effectively kill themselves either at a specific time or when they receive a remote signal.

Atlas Robot Breaks Ankle Upon Debut

Most debuts would have been thought through and through so that nothing untoward happens, but sometimes, even the best preparations made cannot sniff out an impending disaster. I guess with the Atlas robot that we first mentioned about sometime in the middle of this year, its debut at the University of Hong Kong (HKU) proved to be less than stellar – especially when it broke its ankle during a demonstration. […]

DARPA Wants Cheap Mind Reading Headset Developed

Sure, there are no mutants among us in the likes of the X-Men, so to find a telepath as powerful as Professor Xavier would be nigh impossible. However, this does not mean that technology cannot come in to assist us humans in our quest to be better than who we are at the moment. The Department of Defense might be looking into a highly affordable mind reading headset, where it […]

DARPA Hydra Project Is An Unmanned Vehicle Network

The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is looking into developing a rather interesting new unmanned systems project which might usher in an age where undersea motherships could be capable of launching smaller submarines as well as flying vehicles. The whole idea behind this Hydra Project, specially named after the legendary Greek creature that will grow two heads in its place each time you cut one off, is to […]

DARPA Warrior Web Suit Project

Soldiers are extremely tough people, but even then, they are more susceptible to load-related injuries whenever they are on the field compared to us ordinary folk simply for the fact that these brave men and women tend to walk across for long distances with over 100 pounds of additional weight on their backs because of the gear that they need to carry – which further increases the potential for both […]

Lockheed Martin Building Drone Capable Of Transporting Cars

Military drones may soon be able to do more than just carry weapons or aid spying missions. Last week at the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International trade show, Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works division showed off design renderings of the Transformer TX drone. Said to cost nearly $20.3 million, the Transformer TX drone will be capable of transporting cars and large storage containers. Eventually, it may even be able to transport […]