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AT&T Is Ditching The DirecTV Now Branding
DirecTV subscribers take note. AT&T has announced today that it’s doing away with the branding. The DirecTV Now brand for this streaming service will be retired over the summer. It was first launched in December 2016. The company is now going to rebrand it to “AT&T TV Now.” AT&T has decided to make this change as it begins test pilots in select markets across the country of its new TV […]

DirecTV Now Price To Go Up As HBO Gets Bundled
AT&T’s DirecTV Now streaming service is about to get a bit more expensive but with good reason. The company is raising subscription prices by an additional $10 per month but is providing subscribers with access to HBO in return. The existing packages that DirecTV Now subscribers have access to are being restructured by AT&T which is replacing them with two new options.

AT&T Developing Android-Powered Set-Top Box
It appears that AT&T is developing a new set-top box that’s going to be powered by Android. It would make sense for the company to develop such a product. It’s going to reduce AT&T’s reliance on third-party hardware to push DirecTV Now via TV hardware. A new FCC filing has been discovered which suggests that AT&T is developing this product.

DirecTV Now Gets More CBS Programming
AT&T’s standalone TV streaming service, DirecTV Now, is now going to offer subscribers more CBS programming. It has inked a new deal with CBS to bring more of the latter’s offerings to its initial streaming TV package. The new deal includes Entertainment, Sports, and CBS News programming alongside SHOWTIME, The CW, CBS Sports Network, and Pop.


LeEco TVs Get Official DirecTV Now App
A new software update has been released for LeEco smart TVs in the United States today which brings the official DirecTV Now app for the Android TV-powered models. This is the first time that a DirecTV Now app has been released for smart TVs and LeEco’s models have the unique distinction of being the first Android TV-powered models out there to get a dedicated app for AT&T’s standalone TV streaming […]

LeEco EcoPass Content Service Discontinued
There have been countless reports about LeEco’s ongoing financial troubles. The company recently confirmed that it was giving up on its Vizio acquisition. It just can’t seem to catch a break. Despite launching with much pomp and circumstance in the United States late last year, the company’s products haven’t really performed that well in this market. It has now decided to discontinue its EcoPass video and content service in the […]

DirecTV Now Subscribers Get One Year Of HBO Free
There’s some good news for subscribers of the AT&T-owned DirecTV Now online TV streaming service. Starting today, all new subscribers who opt for the carrier’s Go Big or Gotta Have It packages will get a free year’s worth of access to HBO included in their package for free. AT&T points out in its blog post that this is a limited time offer.

Early DirecTV Now Subscribers Get HBO Free For A Year
AT&T launched its standalone TV streaming service called DirecTV Now several months back. The launch didn’t go off as smoothly as the company would have wanted because early subscribers had to put up with a lot of glitches. The service has been improved since then and AT&T finally appears to be in a mood to offer some sort of compensation to its subscribers. DirecTV Now subscribers will be compensated with […]

T-Mobile Strikes At AT&T With Free Year Of Hulu
T-Mobile likes to take the fight to its rivals and this time it has AT&T in its sights. The latter recently launched its standalone online TV streaming service DirecTV Now which brought in 200,000 subscribers soon after launch even though it has been plagued with bugs and issues. Playing off of the bad reviews that DirecTV Now has been receiving, T-Mobile has decided to offer a free year of Hulu […]

Over 200,000 People Subscribed To DirecTV Now In The First Month
AT&T finally launched its standalone online TV streaming service late last year. The launch of DirecTV Now wasn’t as smooth as the company would have wanted but it appears that it got a reasonable response from people looking to cut the cord. AT&T has revealed in a filing with the SEC that DirecTV Now brought in more than 200,000 subscribers in the first month after launch.

DirecTV Now 100-Channel Plan Price Set To Increase On January 9th
AT&T launched its DirecTV Now standalone TV streaming service late last year. At launch, the service offered its 100-channel plan for just $35 per month, though it was made clear from the get go that this introductory pricing was only being offered for a limited time. DirecTV Now is going to raise the price of this plan from $35 on January 9th but those who sign up for the service […]

T-Mobile Trolls AT&T By Offering Switchers A Year's Worth Of Free DirecTV Now
AT&T has been hyping up its DirecTV Now online TV streaming service for a couple of months now. The service went live recently and AT&T would like nothing more to see people opt for its service instead of the likes of Sling TV and PlayStation Vue. AT&T would also like to see people jump on its mobile network in large numbers but rivals don’t make that easy. T-Mobile, which has […]

DirecTV Now Online TV Streaming Service Goes Live
AT&T formally announced the DirecTV Now online TV streaming service a couple of days ago. It also confirmed that the service will go live on November 30th. As you can probably imagine, DirecTV Now is live and you can head over to the website to sign up if you’re so inclined. It joins the list of other over-the-top internet TV streaming services like PlayStation Vue and Sling TV to capture […]

DirecTV Now Launches November 30th With Free 7-Day Trial
We’ve known for a few months now that AT&T is going to launch a new standalone TV streaming service under the DirecTV Now brand and that’s precisely what it has done. DirecTV Now has been officially announced. The over-the-top streaming service will go live tomorrow and it’s going to offer a free seven-day trial to any and all users wishing to take it for a spin.