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Vintage Atari 2700 Found In A Thrift Store Sells For $3,000 On eBay
For those who snub their noses at thrift stores because they think that there’s nothing good, you might want to rethink that because in a post on Reddit, Redditor L064N revealed that he discovered an Atari 2700 console while shopping at a thrift store. He did not immediately recognize it but a quick Google search told him what he was looking at.

eBay Now Lets You Search For Items Using Photos
Companies such as Google and Pinterest allow users to search for items using photos. This means that if you see something you like in real-life, or an image on the web for an item of clothing that you want to buy, you can search using a photo or an image from the web. Unfortunately such functionality was not available on eBay, at least until now.

eBay Sees An Uptick In Secondhand GPU Sales
In recent years, the demand for cryptocurrency is on the rise, such as bitcoin and ethereum. However in order to mine for the currency, miners have turned to the use of various hardware such as GPUs, and for a while things were looking pretty good for miners where ethereum rose from $10 on the 1st of January to more than $400 last month.

Scalpers On eBay Have Already Jacking Up The SNES Classic’s Price
Just yesterday Nintendo officially announced the SNES Classic Edition, the successor to the NES Classic Edition that was recently discontinued. The console will only be released at the end of September, but it seems that pre-orders from various retailers have already sold out and in turn, have created a rather unfortunate scalping situation.


eBay Announces New Price Match Guarantee For 50,000+ Items
It’s always best to search the web for the best price when you’re thinking of buying something online. Chances are, you are likely going to find a better price than the first place you looked at. Customers are often provided a price guarantee by online platforms which lets them know that they’re getting the best price. eBay has announced its very own Price Match Guarantee for more than 50,000 items.

NES Classic Editions On eBay Spotted With Crazy Hiked Up Prices
As you might have heard the sad news by now, Nintendo has decided for some inexplicable reason to discontinue the NES Classic Edition. This means that very soon, you won’t be able to get your hands on the console from the shops, and will have to rely on websites like eBay or Craigslist.

eBay 'Guaranteed Delivery' Confirmed For 20 Million Items
eBay is taking the fight to Amazon and its subscription-based Prime membership program by announcing that it’s now going to provide three-day “Guaranteed Delivery” on more than 20 million items. eBay is going to roll out Guaranteed Delivery in the United States this summer, it says that this will provide faster and more precise delivery dates for customers.

Razer Chroma Mug Flask Holder Spotted On eBay For £350
It seems to be a habit of Razer’s where every year they will create a couple of extremely limited edition non-gaming products and give them away as lucky draw prizes to fans. Last year Razer announced the Chroma Mug (pictured above) which is basically a flask with a flashy-looking base that offers up the same light show as Razer’s other Chroma products.

Original Unopened First-Gen iPod Spotted On eBay For $200,000
Seeing early iPods pop up on eBay isn’t new, and for the most part the devices are priced around the $20,000 range. However this has changed as it has been spotted that there is an original unopened first-gen iPod on eBay that is currently being priced at a whopping $200,000 for the collectors out there.

eBay Unveils Shopping Bot For Facebook Messenger
Earlier this year, Facebook announced that its Messenger platform would be getting chatbots. For those unfamiliar with chatbots, basically these are bots that you can converse with in natural language to make inquiries regarding restaurant bookings, the weather, flight ticket prices, and more.

eBay App For iOS Updated With Touch ID Support
Sometimes entering your password on your phone can be a bit tricky, especially if your password uses a lot of numbers and upper and lowercases. This is where fingerprint scanning technology comes into handy, like when making purchases online, or when using it to sign into certain apps or services.

Pokemon GO Accounts Are Being Sold On eBay For $100
There are some gamers who are more than happy to farm for their own items and gear, and basically go about it the hard way. Then there are some gamers who prefer everything to be served up to them on a silver platter, so they bot, they find exploits, and in some cases, they even buy accounts of high level gamers to shortcut the process.

iPhone 6 Prototype Finds Its Way To eBay
It goes without saying that with every iPhone built, there had to exist several prototypes before the final version. Each prototype probably comes with features and a design that might not have made it to the final build, which is interesting for those who are curious about the process of how an idea becomes a reality.

eBay Teams Up With Myers For Virtual Reality Shop In Australia
With virtual reality technology, we can already play games in virtual reality, we can also watch videos and look at photos. In fact there are some VR apps designed to make it feel like you’re inside a virtual cinema, so with that being said if VR can replicate a cinema, why not a shopping experience too, right?

Vintage iPod Is Currently Going For $20,000 On eBay
For the most part it looks like Apple’s iPod lineup is pretty much dead in the water. There haven’t exactly been many new upgrades or exciting new features, plus with Apple focusing on Apple Music, save for the iPod touch, the rest of the lineup doesn’t really make that much sense anymore.

eBay Brings Drop-Off Locations To 1,600 FedEx Office Stores
eBay today announced that it’s taking its partnership with FedEx even further by bringing its Valet drop-off locations to more than 1,600 FedEx Office stores across the United States. The stores will gradually be rolled out across the country over the next few months, a total of 1,600 locations will be available to eBay users.

Dark Souls Tea On eBay Sold For More Than £300
To see video games tying in with the world of merchandise is nothing new at all, but then again, are there other areas in which video games have yet to make their mark where merchandise is concerned? The food and beverage department has certainly seen its fair share of crossovers, and this time around, it would be a box of Dark Souls Tea that had gone on sale on eBay […]

Unreleased Google Glass Enterprise Edition Spotted On eBay
Assuming things are still moving along nicely, Google is still working on their next-generation Google Glass. A report from last year indicated that at least one version of the Google Glass is said to be called the Enterprise Edition, which as its name suggests would be more for enterprise use versus commercial.

eBay Bug Lets Hackers Install Malicious Code Into Pages
We’re sure many of you guys have come across various eBay auction pages in the past. Usually these pages have been designed by the seller in such a way that it captures your attention, or at least in a way that highlights some of the key points of the product, how much it is, and sometime whether or not there are freebies thrown in.

HTC Vive Pre-Order Listed On eBay For $1,200
Thinking about picking up the HTC Vive? Pre-orders for the headset are expected to begin next month but if there was one detail HTC left out that we’re sure many are curious about, it would be its asking price. However a recent rumor has suggested that the headset could cost $1,500, and now an eBay listing seemingly supports that theory.