ipod_ebayFor the most part it looks like Apple’s iPod lineup is pretty much dead in the water. There haven’t exactly been many new upgrades or exciting new features, plus with Apple focusing on Apple Music, save for the iPod touch, the rest of the lineup doesn’t really make that much sense anymore.

However this doesn’t diminish the fact that the iPod is a classic in terms of tech gadgets, which according to TIME is ranked 9th as one of the most influential gadgets of all time. This is why just like vintage Macintosh computers, there are buyers out there who wouldn’t mind dropping serious money to own a classic, which according to recent sightings was seen on eBay priced at $20,000.

The iPod in question isn’t the first-gen iPod. Rather it is the second-gen iPod 20GB model and if you’re wondering how on earth it is priced so high, it is because it is still sealed within its box. Apparently someone had the foresight to think that maybe this could still be worth something someday.

That being said, this iPod isn’t the only classic that is up for bids. There have been sightings of other iPods, like the first-gen iPod which has been used and which is still fetching a price of $10,000. Then we have the third-gen iPod shuffle which is priced at $1,000, a first-gen iPod mini at $2,500, and so on. In any case if you’re so inclined, you can head on over to eBay to check out the listing.

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