The Tron Lightcycle has certainly caught just about anyone and everyone’s attention whenever they take a look at it, and the Parker Brothers decided to wow the world even further with their latest creation which will definitely turn even more heads by rolling out the Detonator. Now, I don’t think that even with a name like that, people are going to run away from it – no sir, folks will most probably flock to it like bees to honey, since this particular chopper boasts a 30″ front wheel as well as dual 96 volt electric motors located in the hub of the rear wheel which measures a slightly smaller 27″ in terms of radius.

This electric bike will run on lithium-ion batteries, taking around an hour to juice up when you plug it in to a 110 volt outlet. Parker Brothers claims that this little number of theirs is capable of ferrying you around for 80 to 100 miles on a full battery, and it has also been bench tested to hit a top speed of 120mph. If you have $100,000 lying around in your bank and live in the US, Europe and Saudi Arabia, then this cool bike can be yours.

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