When you lay your eyes on the ZecOO electric motorbike from design company Znug, you might think to yourself that this is a pre-cursor to those lovely looking Tron bikes from the future (although other folks have already come up with roadworthy versions). Regardless, the Znug ZecOO electric motorbike is an amazing mode of transportation to look at, sporting a sleek, aggressive and completely unconventional design. Designed by former Toyota designer Kota Nezu, it was assembled and put together in a custom bike shop that is located in Tokyo. The entire project took half a year to materialize, starting from the drawing board all the way to the prototype that you see here now. As for the frame, it comprises a combination of solid wood and alloy, certainly making it greener than it already is. Apart from that, there is also a conventional fork steering at the front that relies on a central hub system, while cantilevered shock absorbers and a rear wheel belt rounds off the list of features.

No idea on whether this particular two-wheeled beauty is going to undergo testing in spring later this year, and as to whether it will be roadworthy enough or not, that is another story altogether. It does look as though it can zip by fast, but as we all know with vehicles, looks do not really matter until the rubber meets the road – that is when you find out whether the ZecOO is really able to tear up the asphalt or not.

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