Depending on where you live, commuting can be a nightmare and that’s probably true for most big cities. To alleviate some of the road congestion issues, many use a 2-wheels transportation mode, motorized or not. The thing is: when you have a motorized vehicle, you may have a much harder time to park it than you would with a bicycle The Moveo Electric Scooter wants to fix that by letting you fold and transport the scooter with you in the building you are going to. On a side note, that could also be a great anti-theft measure.

Some technical background: the Moveo Electric Scooter is an electric vehicle (EV) with a 22 miles range which weighs 55 lbs. The maximum speed is 28mph, so it’s more of an urban vehicle that if would be a “sub-urban” one. Honestly, I expected something that big to be heavier, and when you look at it unfolded, it doesn’t really look flimsy or anything like that. Those who want to get one will have to pay $3100 to $4600) to purchase one of the 4000 units to be built this year.

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