These days electric vehicles on the road are pretty common, but out in sea, fully electric boats aren’t that common. Now if you’re someone who loves to jet ski but also loves the environment, you might be interested in a company called Free Form Factory that has recently unveiled an electric jet ski in the form of the Gratis X1.

According to Free Form Factory, the Gratis X1 is the first all-electric stand-up personal watercraft. Now you might be thinking, how often does one need to jet ski in order to make this a worthwhile purchase and save money on fuel? While the savings on fuel is welcome, one of the other advantages is that the Gratis X1 will be considerably quieter than its gas counterpart.

Also because it does not use fuel, it is possible that one could use the jet ski on waterways where fuel-powered watercrafts have been previously banned, thus giving you access to more areas to jet ski in. The company claims that the jet ski will allow users up to 45 minutes of riding on a single charge and will charge from standard 110V outlets.

However it does not come cheap at $17,990, but if you’re a jet ski enthusiast then perhaps it could be worth looking into. The Gratis X1 is expected to go on sale come this fall.

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