Regardless of whether you drive a more traditional car or an electric car, both require to be topped up with either gas or electricity. However given that gas-powered cars have been around considerably longer, gas stations are ubiquitous and if finding one has never really proved to be that difficult.


However EV charging stations aren’t quite as common, although there is work being done to install more, but until that happens finding an EV charging station will be a bit more challenging, especially if you’re in a new city. The good news for Europe EV owners is that Apple has made an update to Apple Maps where EV charging stations will now be listed on the map, so that drivers will know how far they are from a station or where to go to charge up their cars.

This feature was actually introduced in the US last year, so we guess it has finally made its way to Europe (or some parts of Europe, at least). In addition to listing EV charging stations, Apple Maps for Europe has also added public bicycle rental and drop-off points, so for those who prefer biking to work or school or who want to rent a bike, these new features should tell you where to go.

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