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Image credit – 9to5Macx


Range anxiety is no longer what it used to be as electric vehicles now not only have a longer range in between charges, but also charge faster than before. However finding an EV charging station is still something that drivers need to think about since they aren’t ubiquitous as gas stations. The good news is that if you own an iOS device, finding an EV station will be easier.

In the latest update to Apple Maps, it seems that the mapping platform will now plot EV charging stations on the map. This means that if you need a charge or if you’re planning your journey, you will be able to find EV charging stations at your location or where you are planning on heading off to.

As pointed out by iMore, these charging stations are part of ChargePoint’s network of EV chargers. The majority of the network consists of Level 1 and Level 2 chargers that use the J1772 connector. For some cars, such as Tesla that uses a proprietary connector, they will require an adapter to connect to the J1772 chargers. Alternatively for CHAdeMO stations, a separate adapter will need to be purchased.

ChargePoint is currently the largest EV charging network at the moment, so with their integration into Apple Maps, finding a place to charge your car will now be easier.

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