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Overwatch League Attracts 10 Million Viewers Within Its First Week
It seems like Blizzard’s decision to partner up with Twitch for the Overwatch League has proven to be a fantastic idea, at least as far as helping Overwatch become a more prominent title in eSports. Recently it was reported that in its first day, the League managed to rack up over 400,000 viewers, but it seems that the number is much higher now.

Father Pulls Son Out Of High School To Help Him Become A Pro Gamer
eSports are a big thing these days, where gamers who are good enough can be granted a pro-athlete visa for entry into the US. Some schools are also recognizing the ability to play games professionally as an accomplishment like in sports, and are granting students scholarships.

Blizzard’s Overwatch League Manages To Nab 400,000 Viewers On Day One
With Twitch being the platform to tune into if you’re interested in watching live streams, we’re sure that fans of Blizzard’s Overwatch must have been pretty thrilled when Blizzard and Twitch announced a two-year partnership, where Twitch will live stream Overwatch League matches for the next two years.

‘Raise’ Is A Split Keyboard Designed For Competitive Gaming
Most keyboards you see are straight in terms of design, and while this has been more or less the standard design for years, they aren’t exactly ergonomical, and long endless hours of using the keyboard in such a manner can be bad for your wrists. This is why there are ergonomical keyboards in the market as well.


Blizzard Expands Overwatch Contenders, Allows More Gamers To Go Pro
It is clear that Blizzard has big eSports plans for Overwatch. Last year the company announced Overwatch League, a professional league dedicated to Overwatch. They then introduced some guidelines and rules to the league, where players who are part of the league will earn a minimum of $50,000 a year (a 17-year old managed to land a $150,000 salary package).

Olympic Committee Acknowledges eSports As A Sporting Activity
If we were to look back at the history of video games and how it has evolved, video games used to be seen as something that only “nerds” or “geeks” would do, and how it would always be two groups: the nerds and the jocks, where the latter did “real” sports such as basketball, football, and so on.

Activision Blizzard Will Broadcast eSports Matches On Facebook Live
Facebook Live is a pretty nifty feature that allows users to broadcast themselves live for their followers to see. We’ve seen celebrities use this feature to conduct like Q&A sessions, or just to update fans on what’s going on. We’ve also seen it used to livestream certain events, and while some might have likened it to Twitter’s Periscope, that could soon change.

UK Government Wants To Make An Olympics For eSports
When it comes to traditional sporting events, we have huge events that is sort of the culmination of various sports into a single event, like the Commonwealth Games, the Olympics, the Winter Olympics, and so on. However when it comes to eSports, there isn’t really anything similar, although that could change thanks to the backing of the UK government.

Blizzard Bets Big On Heroes Of The Storm eSports
Last year Activision Blizzard announced that they would be launching a new eSports division, signifying that they are starting to take the scene more seriously. Earlier this year, the company confirmed that they would be acquiring MLG in an effort to once again take their eSports efforts to the next level.

eSports League Adopts Same Drug Ban As The Olympics
Ever since it was revealed that professional Counter-Strike player Kory “Semphis” Friesen had taken Adderall when playing the game competitively, it was then decided the maybe something should be done about it. The eSports League had announced then that they were looking to conduct drug testing in the future, and now it has been confirmed in a post on Reddit.According to the eSports League, it seems that this is a […]

eSports League Will Soon Begin Testing Players For Drugs
In athletic competitions such as boxing, tennis, golf, and etc., athletes are constantly subjected to testing for performance enhancing drugs. It makes sense because sometimes some drugs give players an unfair advantage of others who aren’t on drugs, kind of ruining the spirit of competition in the process.Given how video gamers who compete in big time leagues are now recognized as athletes, we suppose it was only a matter of […]

Developer Believes eSports On Mobile Could Be Bigger Than PC Soon
When we think of competitive video games, we think of genres like fighting games such as Street Fighter, or racing games like Need for Speed, or RTS games such as StarCraft, or FPS shooters like Counter-Strike, and so on. These games are generally found on console or on the PC, but when it comes to mobile games, the eSports scene isn’t particularly big or eventful.However according to Kristian Segerstrale, the […]

Former Blizzard Exec Thinks Video Games Should Be In The Olympics
A decade or two ago, the idea of playing video games professionally would have been somewhat laughable, but given how much money is involved and how countries and universities are recognizing the value of professional gamers, safe to say that we have come a very long way.However are video games that big to the point where they should be introduced in the Olympics? We suppose that is up for debate, […]

UK To Get First eSports Arena
Folks living in the UK will no longer have to tune into Twitch online so that they can get their fix of online matches between two eSports legends. No sir, they can ditch the virtual world, and settle for a physical venue instead in due time as they get to catch a glimpse of their favorite eSports competitors in action. Gfinity, who happens to be a league organizer for multiplayer […]